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    medicine reacted to 46dr in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Accepted! 3:39pm 
    Will post more later!
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    medicine reacted to lab2185 in Ubc Post-Interview Feelings   
    Also keep in mind it is not just the interview that counts.... There are people not getting accepted with above average interviews and people getting in likely with not above average interviews. So it is sort of impossible to gage as they look at everything. 
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    medicine reacted to rogerroger in Please read first: PM101 Forum Rules   
    This forum is a useful resource for many because of the great people who participate in discussions posted. Everyone is here to help each other, and to make it into (and through and beyond) medical school. In order to optimize the usefulness of the forums we ask that you follow some simple guidelines and to respect the following:
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    medicine reacted to lab2185 in Ubc Contacting Verifiers   
    I wouldn't read too much into it unfortunately. I have applied more than once in the past. Both years verifiers were contacted. The first time I didn't get an interview and the second time I did. I am pretty sure they do a file review (AQ and NAQ and make sure MCAT meets cut offs), contact verifiers and then give you a total file score. It is only once they have everyone scored that they determine the cut off for getting an interview as far as I know. 
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    medicine reacted to MrWesting in Credit Cards All Declined, And Then Time Was Up.   
    Glad to hear it worked out! It just goes to show that these medical adcoms aren't soulless organizations trying to disqualify applicants however they can.
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    medicine reacted to Click in Volunteer Research Assistant?   
    Depending on your involvement with the team, I don't see why it couldn't be capacity to work with others either.
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    medicine got a reaction from RicardoKaká in Advice For Oop   
    You might want to look at interview invites/regrets thread from the past cycles to see if you're competitive as an OOP. IMO, your average seems good as an OOP as long as you have good NAQ. In terms of taking the english pre-req, I think once you compare your grades to those who have gotten interviews as an OOP, I think it might be worth completing them (It is $1300, but in the grand scheme of things this is a little investment for your future). 
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    medicine reacted to MrWesting in Question About High Performance In An Area Of Human Endeavour   
    At a UBC Medicine information session a while back, the host explained that the "High Performance" section was mainly a place for applicants to highlight a certain activity of high achievement that has resulted in a significant and extreme amount of time commitment. My impression was that this section was only created for a minority of applicants, a section designed to give more weight to somebody that has poured a more extreme amount of time and dedication into a single activity, probably to the detriment of others. The classic example of this would be applicants that have competed in the Olympics/World Finals in the past (they're out there!).
    That being said, they mentioned that they were understanding about how ambiguous some of these sections are. It sounded like they will move activities into different categories if they feel like the applicant has misclassified them. If you feel, deep down, like your experience is best described as "High Performance", I would put it down. If you're just trying to rationalize putting it in because you are scared to leave the section blank, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    medicine reacted to AAAmeds in Employment Experience As Non-Academic Experience   
    UBC Admission's response to this thread FYI
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    medicine got a reaction from PeanutButter1 in We Are Some First Year Year Ubc Medicine Students - Ask Us Anything!*   
    Yes! I called admissions few weeks ago and they said there's only Sep 15th deadline now. The early deadline is taken out
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    medicine got a reaction from Lifeisawesome in Oop Applicant Next Year.. Naq Score?   
    You just never know until you apply, it's just the average. There are people above and below the 91.5% mark. For the interview, NAQ accounts for 50% of the TFR score and if that's strong and your GPA is roughly at 90%, I still think you have a chance in getting an interview invite. The cut off for the interview changes every year and it depends on the competitiveness of the applicant pool, and this is something we have no control over. Don't worry, just apply!
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    medicine reacted to 46dr in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Rejected 
    oGPA: 82.15
    pGPA: 82.41
    aGPA: 88.90 
    AQ: 30.03
    NAQ: 25.27
    TFR: 55.30
    MCAT: 513 (127 127 127 132)
    Interview: Above Average, felt great after. 
    First year applying, non-trad. I have a year of C+'s and F's from 10 years ago. I calculated my pre-req GPA to be higher so one of my English marks from that first year must have counted, my adjusted GPA reflects that dropped year. 
    My NAQ score was pretty surprising for me. I've worked overseas multiple times (long-term time intensive commitments), have hugely varied work experience, coaching at multiple levels, national level athletic awards, athletic scholarships, tutoring, involved in student union work. Came back to university at 27 and did 10 straight semesters without a summer break, getting straight A's with one B+ in a healthcare related field with patient interaction. I think it was low because while I filled out all the sections, some were filled with "weaker" hobbies like recreational rock climbing and a few other things. No research experience. A lot of my NAQ stuff was from at least 5 years ago now, so I'm sure that played a role. My reference letters were from people I hold in high esteem personally, but may not have been prestigious enough.
    Fortunately I got hired into a good job out of school, with research opportunities. I'm going to scribe for a physician, and have the opportunity to get involved in a few primary care studies as well. Unfortunately, the last couple years have been personally challenging and I wasn't able to balance GPA with NAQ stuff, so I'm starting late even for next cycle. On the upside I'll probably have stronger reference letters for this cycle. 
    Took the rejection hard, but getting prepped for the next cycle. Congrats to everyone who was accepted!
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    medicine reacted to HBH in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    A little late, but here is some more hope for non-traditional applicants!
    Timestamp: 11 May 2016 @ 11:33 PDT
    Result: Rejected (2011-2014), Accepted (2015-2016) - VFMP (1st Choice)
    oGPA: 76.50%
    aGPA: 78.65%
    Prereq Avg: 71.00%
    AQ: 15.14 (2013-2014), 15.17 (2014-2015)
    NAQ: 45.26 (2013-2014), 43.36 (2014-2015)
    TFR: 60.40 (2013-2014), 58.53 (2014-2015)
    *Did not record data from 2011-2012, 2012-2013*
    MCAT: 28O (2009), 27N (2011), 31 (2014)
    Interview: Above average (2013-2014), Average (2014-2015)
    Geography: IP
    Awards: A few service/volunteering awards, nothing major.
    Research/Pubs: Empty section.
    Non-Academic: Filled in all the slots for every section except High Performance (I had nothing in that category). Had a broad variety of long-term volunteering activities ranging from lab research, hospital/hospice volunteering, snowboard/tennis instructing, service clubs, personal hobbies, and fundraising. As many successful applicants have mentioned in the past, the quality and length of your activity matters. Don’t worry too much about what activity it is so long as it is meaningful to you and the community in some way.
    Employment: Worked with children with autism, in research labs, and taught snowboarding/tennis part-time for several years.
    Interview Thoughts: My third, and last, interview was the best by far. I felt knowledgeable and on point in each station. I think this was partly due to my taking public health courses in the 2015-2016 year, which helped inform me on various healthcare issues such as the aging senior population, Aboriginal health, mental health, technology in healthcare, and international public heath.
    Summary: There is not much to say that has not already been said by others in the forum. It is definitely harder to be competitive if you have a low AQ or NAQ. Personally, I feel recovering from a low AQ is much more difficult than a low NAQ. But, it can be done. It will take more time and you will have to spend more time catching up in one way or another, but it can be done. Just keep developing and moving forward, whether that means working/volunteering, taking courses, doing another program (e.g., paramedicine, BSN, MPH). For those that have been rejected/waitlisted, I know that crippling feeling of dejection, frustration, anger, you name it. I experienced it for four years. But keep it up, soldier on, understand your options, have back-ups, and you’ll either get into medicine or find something just as fulfilling. For those that have been accepted, I look forward to meeting you this coming Fall!!
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    medicine reacted to canuckleheadzzz in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Accepted IMP!!!

    GPA: ~81

    MCAT: 10/11/14

    Interview: first interview! super nervous, and thought I bombed every station...

    Year: 3rd year in second BSC program (previously finished another)

    Geography: IP


    Congratulations everyone! This is my 6th time applying (YES, SIXTH), and first interview. Do NOT ever give up!!! Persistence is key, so keep trying!
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    medicine reacted to lab2185 in Rejected With Above Average Interview?!   
    I am astounded at all these people with above average interviews not getting in... I think this just speaks to how competitive the admissions process is and that the process is somewhat subjective. 
    Yes, having an MCAT that is high is great, but if you look at the accepted/rejected/waitlisted, there are lots of people with high MCAT getting rejected. I have no idea what this holistic review entails, but I would really, really like to know. 
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    medicine reacted to B A T M A N in May 11, 2016 Support Thread   
    I'm waiting until acceptances are posted to check my email lol
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    medicine reacted to Neurophiliac in May 11, 2016 Support Thread   
    I only slept for 3 hours and 15 minutes . Man, I'm so pumped with energy right now. Both excited and nervous as hell haha
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    medicine got a reaction from Neurophiliac in May 11, 2016 Support Thread   
    Good luck everyone!
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    medicine reacted to Neurophiliac in May 11, 2016 Support Thread   
    Haha, I know the feels!
    Guys, tomorrow's the day! I can't believe 3 months passed.
    Here's what I'm predicting for tomorrow:
    9:45 - 9:55 AM: Regrets emails sent.
    10:25 - 10:35 AM: Waitlist emails sent.
    11:05 - 11:10 AM: Offer emails sent.
    Seeing that they sent the interview invites exactly like last year, I'm willing to bet that decisions post-interview will be sent like last year as well.
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    medicine reacted to Neurophiliac in May 11, 2016 Support Thread   
    Agreed! Keep up the positive energy guys! Don't give in to the dark side haha
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    medicine got a reaction from Neurophiliac in May 11, 2016 Support Thread   
    IMO, I think it would be worth a lot more than AQ and NAQ (since these were already used prior to interview selection). However, UBC blog states that it's a holistic file review so everything will be looked at but my guess is that interview might play a bigger role for admission decision. Bottom line is that no one will ever know how each component plays a role post-interview
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    medicine reacted to Uphill in May 11, 2016 Support Thread   
    I still remember how it felt to wait for the news, just like it was yesterday. Hang in there guys, only a few more days. I'm a member of the class of 2019, and we're really looking forward to welcome the 2020's really soon :-) We'll be here waiting to help you get started in navigating the world of UBC Med :-D 
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    medicine reacted to nick in Site Selection Md2020   
    Yeah, who wouldn't want to pay $1200 for an SRO room that's been given a fresh coat of paint and re-branded as a "micro-loft"?
    [bitter Vancouver resident here.]
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    medicine reacted to Hopefullll in Med Backpack 2020 Poll   
    Teal for the win! Haha Noodles take that :-p
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    medicine got a reaction from nick in Med Backpack 2020 Poll   
    I'm in love with the teal color bag ????
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