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  1. In terms of time spent studying outside of class hours, what does a typical weekday and weekend look like for a 1st year med student?
  2. I can echo Thermophilus above. I had an 86% avg and nothing too extraordinary on NAQ, so I'm fairly sure I was well below avg TFR among interviewees. I practiced a LOT for my interview. There was an MMI practice group at UBC, and we practiced in the exact format as the MMI. It really made me more confident, especially when faced with apathetic or aloof interviewers. I practiced so much that the actual MMI felt like the practice, but easier. It's important to be genuine in your answers. Your passion for medicine should shine through via your genuineness and confidence. Oh and I had a large coff
  3. Congratulations to everyone accepted into the UBC MD Class of 2020! I can't wait to meet everyone next year
  4. Result: Accepted VFMP (first choice)!!! GPA: 86% MCAT: 518 (129/128/131/130) ECs: Varied and diverse, including interaction with vulnerable populations. Interview: Thought it went really well! I practiced a TON and it really made me feel more confident during the interview. Year: 3rd year BSc Geography: IP
  5. I'm very nervous as well, but something that helps me is reminding myself that I'll be okay either way. Life goes on, right? There's always next cycle.
  6. I took BIOC 302 this past term and found it quite interesting. There is quite a bit of content, but it's managable because the midterm and final are not cumulative. It definitely wasn't as scary as people make it out to be. MICB 302 Immunology and CAPS 301 Physiology are more difficult courses. I was satisfied with the depth of the content in BIOC 302, but that's my personal opinion. From what I know, BIOC 303 is a harder course, as it's year-long, even more in depth, and it's mainly meant for Biochemistry majors and Honours Pharmacology students.
  7. The days feel so long at this point. It'll be over soon, one way or another. I wish everyone the best of luck on May 11
  8. Speaking with friends who are currently UBC Med students, none of them had verifiers contacted post-interview. I don't think it means much whether or not your verifiers get contacted post-interview. Best not to think about it too much.
  9. Sounds about right! The wait is excruciating. I know the last two weeks will be unbearable because I'll be finished finals
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