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  1. Im about to start my last year of my masters and really love the program and it is extremely relevant to want I would want to do with an MD so I want to see it through! I wrote my MCAT in the summer of 2017 and I was wondering if I could stilly apply with it next summer (2021)? I've written the MCAT twice and I never want to take it again because those were probably the most miserable days of my life haha. Edit: I am dumb and realized it is 5 years. Another dumb question: would this also include summer of 2022 or must it be within 5 years upon admission?
  2. Thank you! I will be specializing in health promotion, but I'm also really interested in health policy and management so I'll probably take lots of electives in that! I should definitely start thinking about what I would want to do for my practicum. I know finding a paid position shouldn't necessarily be a huge factor, but did you find that students struggled to find paid practicum positions? The only reason is because I was hoping on moving out with my SO around the same time as my practicum, so it would be nice to have an income! (of course if I don't get a paid position I will be staying pu
  3. I'm quite late on this, but I just wanted to say thank you. The notes I had jotted down on that word document were so vague and I was probably going to submit a letter that didn't convey what I had to offer and why I really wanted to be there. Even my previous posts on these forums probably make it obvious that I've been kinda lost throughout undergrad, and really unsure of myself (also - thank you to the people who were so supportive on my other posts in case you are reading this). But honestly briefly talking through how to start my statement of intent with you really helped me get going and
  4. I'll definitely be more specific. Thanks so much for your help! I'm hoping to submit the application by tomorrow since they only send reference requests once you hit submit, and this year it's due on November 30th so I'd like to give my referees a month. Two days is a super tight time frame so I don't want to stress you out about having to review it so quickly!
  5. Yes sorry, I mean non-communicable diseases! I have work and volunteer experience that is directly related to it, like being an RA for a study looking at COPD development among certain vulnerable populations. I was also thinking that some of my experiences could be indirectly related to both non-communicable disease prevention and just health promotion in general, such as being a mentor for first year students where our priority was to promote resources and activities related to their mental health. They want us to talk about what we hope to achieve in the MPH graduate program, and I'm ha
  6. I'm applying to U of A School of Public Health's health promotion program, and I was wondering if there are any other current students/applicants on this forum that have tips on writing the statement of intent? I'm struggling a bit since I feel like I should be more specific with what I would want to do with my MPH degree, but to be honest, I am not 100% sure on what career path I would choose within health promotion. I know that I would like to focus on chronic disease prevention, I know that's really broad, but I was hoping to learn more about the specifics for that once I'd be in the progra
  7. So I'm just looking for honest advice from people who know how this works so I've decided to ask this here. No one in my life is familiar with medicine or the application process, so I haven't really asked them. With my lowest year removed I will have a 3.6 GPA by the time I graduate this year. I have average EC's and I wrote the MCAT but will be rewriting this summer. I'm just wondering if I even have a shot (specifically at U of C) an an IP applicant or if I should be going for something other than medicine. I've put in so much time and money (MCAT prep courses/practice exams, taking an extr
  8. Hi guys! Okay this may be a dumb question. I wasn't able to find an answer to this on their website, but if someone has done 5 years of undergrad, the 2 year GPA is calculated from the 4th and 5th year, right? And the 2 year GPA is the only one that is considered in your application if it is better than the cGPA? Thank you!!
  9. I'm from Alberta but I'm open to anywhere in Canada. Thank you so much for your feedback!!! Best of luck to you too
  10. Sorry, I should specify more. 3.6 is an estimate (an optimistic on at that) for my most recent 3 years, I took out my first year gpa because i know if i have any chance at all, it's at schools that take best 3 or 2 years. In 2nd year I got a 3.2, and judging from the way the first half went of my third year, i'll have ~3.6-3.7 this year, and IF i work my ass off and get a 4 in 4th year, then it'll average out to 3.6. Again, I know this is insanely optimistic.
  11. I'm pretty disheartened after seeing all these posts with amazing gpas.... do I have any chance at a canadian med school with a 3.6 gpa, or would you recommend taking a 5th year to improve it? Im planning on taking the mcat this summer. I've had a few jobs in retail and one research position but it was mostly just data entry. Im hoping to be involved in psychological research this summer. My ECs involve about 3 years of commitment in the big sisters program, a literacy tutor, a mentor for first years on campus, and an exec position in a club. Bascially... am i doomed for med haha?
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