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  1. Extension for prereqs and up to 3 in progress?! This is great news! Most labs have been cancelled and postponed to winter 2021 at my uni.
  2. I would follow the current policy, though I wouldn't surprised if they revised it.
  3. Les gens qui ont une note plus faible demanderont fort probablement pour la note S/É. Je ne m'attend pas à des cotes fantastiques même avec des A+.
  4. Thinking about the "cote R" for french schools, and how drastically higher group averages (people with lower grades will probably ask for a P/F) will make any grades under A/A+ worthless.
  5. To have your grade transferred you'd likely need a letter of permission from your home institution.
  6. It's not that complex. CEGEP R score a pretty basic standard score; it only factors in your grades, your group grades and grade dispersion. While not holistic, nor perfect, it an approach to grade biases that is methodological. It can however promote a pretty toxic class environment, for obvious reasons. University R score calculation is, on the other hand, a little more convoluted and biased, in that each institution evaluates candidates programs and home institutions differently, defeating the purpose of a standard score.
  7. Universités anglophones: "Votre choix de programme n'est pas important pour le bureau d'admission. Nous accueillons les candidats de tous acabits et encourageons la diversité d'expériences et de formations." Universités francophones:
  8. Closer to 1200$ with the lab fees and examination fees.
  9. Si annulation de session il y aura, ça sera la session d’été. Les institutions voudront assurer la complétion de la session d’hiver 2020 et maintenir le plus possible l’organisation normale de l’année académique 2020-2021.
  10. Athabasca offers courses with home labs, but McGill is kind of ambiguous on whether they accept them or not and Ottawa clearly state that they do not accept home labs. I know UdeM is considering canceling their summer semester to focus on completing the current winter semester and guaranteeing a “normal” 2020-2021 academic year.
  11. Je ne m’avancerai pas trop à quel programme sa majeure correspondra selon évaluation du service de l'admission, mais quelques points à considérer: Le bac en Neuroscience cognitive de l'Udem et le bac en Psychologie de l'UdeM sont des BSc. Les désignations de grade BA et BSc importent très peu en pratique. C'est propre à l'institution et la faculté d'attache des cours (une université peut rattacher ces cours de géographie aux sciences humaines alors qu'une autre les classe en sciences pures). Behavioural Neuroscience est une orientation du baccalauréat en psychologie de Conco
  12. Non, présentement les réponses rentrent quand même. Cela dit le traitement sera définitivement ralenti considérant les modalités de travail actuelles des employés du service à l'admission.
  13. I wonder if McGill (and other schools like Ottawa) will exempt applicants from lab requirements for the coming admission cycle. I know there's a possibility that universities in Quebec will cancel their summer 2020 semester to salvage the winter semester and keep the 2020-2021 academic year as is. Some schools are also considering providing substantially more courses online for the next academic year, and delaying some typically in-person courses to summer 2021. In a lot of cases the infrastructure is already in place, but the staff isn't necessarily trained or experienced with online educatio
  14. Hello, I'm looking for the grade conversion table used to evaluate our admission averages. My school works on a A+/4.3 scale. Anyone know where I can find it? @phuturefarmacist?
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