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  1. Highly doubt this will ever happen considering that USDO and USMD residencies have merged giving both cohorts identical postgraduate training.
  2. Definitely go for it. I'd probably just go with DO given your UG gpa, though.
  3. I don't believe it will by any means make or break an application. Will it make you look good? Yes. I would say you've definitely displayed a potential for scholarly activities with your co-authorships. There are many more matriculants that don't even have a single authorship. Don't go crazy trying to get that 1st author pub, rather I'd continue to seek opportunities to remain involved in research. Best bang for your buck. GL.
  4. Yes, it'll help you to get verified sooner. The only downside is you'll have to have your personal statement complete that much sooner. GL
  5. If you indicate you're writing it again on your app then schools will wait for the results before evaluating.
  6. I know, right? Last cycle was the last cycle they took internationals. Real bummer for Canadians.
  7. If you're doing a Master's simply to improve your med school app, then don't do it. It won't do anything for you. If its something you're genuinely interested in as a backup should medicine fail, then go for it. Most uni's won't consider your application unless you plan on completing your degree prior to matriculation. Not sure if they've changed their policies but Mac and, I believe, UCalgary don't care whether you complete your Master's or not. Just make sure to verify if this is still the case though.
  8. PM me if you'd like advice specific to your situation. As someone who's gone through 4 cycles over 5 years I may have something valuable for you.
  9. Do the 5th year. A Master's will not help you for Canadian Med schools trust me.
  10. GPA is too low. Don't bother applying. With that GPA they'll only look at you if you've got a Master's and 3.6 may still be too low. Regarding salvaging the low GPA, a Master's won't do anything for you in Ontario. If you're from another province you could get an acceptance in your home province depending on which it is but not in Ontario. Honestly, your best bet is a 2nd undergrad.
  11. Unfortunately they're probably closed now. Its 7 PM there now
  12. Or theres been some technical error and not everyone has recieved their interview email. Not unheard of.
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