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  1. IMO the answer to this question should be mainly: do i want to live in vancouver for 4 years (assuming VFMP), or Toronto for 4 years (or partially Mississauga, if MAM). You'll have similar opportunities at both schools, and honestly I don't think anyone can accurately answer which program is "better" because nobody will have ever gone through both.
  2. In Canada, yes. You might just be in the wrong province...
  3. Don't rely on having a clock in the room. If the room is anything like how it usually is, and the interview positioning is the same as it was last year, you'd have to turn around 180 degrees to look at the clock because it's usually on the side of the wall that the door is on. Definitely don't do that in the middle of your interview.
  4. Almost a quarter of the 2020 class had an average in the A- range. http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/files/2016/09/MED-2020-Admissions-Statistics-Website-Final.pdf It can happen!! Definitely don't let that discourage you from applying
  5. Ya, everyone on the 11am slot automatically gets a 50% increase to their score. Jk, i was wondering the same thing in my year (I think 11am is most popular every year) and i think it's a combination of these 2 things: -11am gives you enough time to get it over with early enough in the day, without having to wake up super early and rush to get there (if you're not a morning person) -as more and more people choose 11am, people (like yourself) start to think there's something beneficial about it, and it's just a self-perpetuating cycle. Congrats to everyone who got an email today!
  6. Honestly if you apply to most Ontario schools your chances aren't much worse than if you were from Ontario originally. Ontario doesn't have much of a discrimination against applicants from other provinces, unlike the rest of Canada. Queen's and UofT --> don't discriminate from what province you're from at all; your chances are identical to someone from Ontario. Western --> slight advantage for people who are from Southwestern Ontario (a very specific part of Ontario that most Ontarians are NOT from). Otherwise, your chances are the same as someone from Ontario. McMaster -->
  7. By this do you mean a lot of people make threads about this, but there aren't that many replies to the threads? Because if so, I agree haha.
  8. Also if you ever apply to the states, it might look bad having written the MCAT and having a score of 1 (or the new equivalent) on all other sections. From my understanding, schools in the US usually look at all your writes, and evaluate the MCAT holistically. But if you have no plans to ever go to the states, you're fine.
  9. OP, if it makes you feel better, I know someone who got a D in Organic Chemistry 2 and got in this past cycle! (They also got an A in biochem the next year, so maybe that helped with the "holistic review")
  10. I also made sure I had complete sentences, and didn't use & instead of "and", because I wanted it to be more "reader-friendly". I remember having the same debate though...it took me a while to figure out how I could word things to fit under the 350 character limit, but its possible. I'm pretty sure this question was also asked around this time last year, and someone mentioned that they did use "&" a lot (and they got in), so I doubt it matters too much. One thing I would recommend though is to be consistent! I personally find it annoying when people switch between "and" and "&"
  11. Yeah, the calculation of AQ is determined only by your gpa or agpa (if applicable). MCAT scores don't matter pre-interview and are simply a cutoff.
  12. One more thing - does anyone know if BC Student Aid provides a portion of its loan as "grants" (which don't need to be paid back)? I understand that OSAP does this, but haven't heard of whether BC Student Aid does.
  13. I came across this thread and the posts near the bottom indicate that in BC and AB, loans are interest free during residency. Can anyone confirm/deny this? http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/77570-paying-off-osap/
  14. Do you know how much of that is provincial vs. federal? I remember hearing that for the provincial portion it remains interest free during residency
  15. Does anybody know the maximum amount that BC Student Aid would provide medical students each year? (For independent students with no assets or income). I was looking online for an "aid estimator" type calculator but couldn't find one (there is one for OSAP). Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
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