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  1. What do you guys think bombing a station looks like? Is it just a feeling more than anything else?
  2. Does anyone know if MMIs tend to rotate their interviewers or use the same ones throughout? If they use the same ones throughout, how much do you guys feel the scores the earlier interviewees received affects the scores of the later ones? I'm just asking since I'm wondering if there is any benefit to interviewing later in an interview period than earlier. My thought is that earlier interviewees might have a disadvantage since the interviewers might score lower since they don't know what to expect and then score higher once they get a better idea on the caliber of the candidates.
  3. Hey how does everyone feel post-interview? I'm feeling like I definitely bombed 2-3 of the stations...but who knows maybe it'll all turn out alright!
  4. So I applied to the MD/PhD program but have not heard back yet. Should I assume that I didn't get an interview in the MD stream either since they review the combined program applications earlier?
  5. Your company needs both you and a co-worker (Sara, a colleague from another branch of the company) to attend a critical business meeting in San Diego. You have just arrived to drive Sara to the airport. Sara is in the room. Me: Hey Sara, ready to go to the airport? Sara: (doesn't seem very excited) Mmm...well can we go in a few minutes Sara: *sits nervously* Me: Yeah sure. Is everything ok? Sara: Well actually I'm a bit scared of flying ever since 9/11 Me: Oh well that's understandable. My grandmother avoided flying after it happened. What scares you in particular? Sara: Well that i
  6. Lol I was just looking for advice from other people that have been in the same situation. It's just starting to feel that maybe I don't have the personality that they're looking for.
  7. Yes this is what I was asking as well. Is it that not enough people met a certain standard initially?
  8. So this was my second time interviewing and I thought I did really well this time around but I got rejected again. I'm so frustrated because I can't even think of reasons why I didn't get in this time. I did so much practice and went to MMI prep sessions. Does anyone have any advice on how to further improve for next time?
  9. Wait why would they call people up from the WL for interview?
  10. Yeah luck is definitely a huge factor. It's kind of hard to not feel helpless about it lol. This is my second time doing the interview and I feel like it went better than the first but who knows...
  11. The main facilitator said that they're not doing that
  12. Yeah overall I had a pretty good time as well. There was one station that I wasn't really sure what they were looking for though. I'm also a bit concerned with how they take the attitude of the interviewer into account...unless that's part of the test lol How many stations did everyone feel good about? I think I'm feeling good about 7 or so myself.
  13. J'ai un GPA de 3.7/4.0 en pharmacie. Est-ce que quelqu'un sait si cela est suffisant pour recevoir un entrevue?
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