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  1. Hey Coldery, I agree with you that its very normal to get in after at least 2 rounds, as was the case with most of my friends who got in. I truly believe that with every year we improve and learn so much from the previous year. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to get accepted this year from first try. I still cant believe it really. Below are my stats: OGPA: 90% AGPA: 94% SGPA: 88% MCAT: 514 Age: 22 Applied after my 3rd year. Best of luck
  2. Oh I didnt know that, thank you for the info. Much appreciated!
  3. Haha must wear it with our teal backpacks Here is what I got so far: - Stethoscope - Littmann cardiology III - The Anatomy Coloring Book - Grays Anatomy for students - Penlight - Stationery What site are you at fam?
  4. Im getting ready for the school year and buying everything early to avoid lines. However you bring a good point, for some reason when engineering, business etc... students get their program hoodies no one calls them pretentious. Yet if we do, we're automatically pretentious. Cant we be happy and excited about our programs like the other students in their sought after programs. Sigh.
  5. Is there no UBC med hoodies at the bookstore? I cant find them anywhere
  6. Only 1 rest station. They give you candy during the rest station
  7. It's very well organized and there will be med students volunteers to guide you all throughout. Transition between stations was very smooth and the stations are all labeled. You are not expected to socialize at all, alot of people kept to themselves actually. Yet some were very friendly and talked to as many people as they could. Tour wasn't helpful for me at all. But I did enjoy the site info, it helped me choose my preferred site and they talked about the curriculum etc.. It was informative. Good luck!
  8. If you haven't already you need to submit: 1) Proof of Canadian citizenship 2) Proof of enrollment in classes (if applicable)
  9. Thanks everyone for your reply, I was just curious especially since a friend of mine told me that the only way one would get into ubc is to score "above average" on the interview :0
  10. Optional Seminar: ~ 45 min Campus tour: They didnt show us the whole campus, we walked within the health science building to to few building around it. No shuttle so wear something warm and avoid heals.
  11. Hello Everyone, I am trying to understand how the MMIs help adcoms choose students. Does each applicant get an MMI score and that score is then added to AQ and NAQ scores and applicants with the highest score get accepted? or do people who made it to the interview are separated from one another based on MMI solely and in each cycle the top 4 get accepted? How does the MCAT and LOR factor into this selection process?? Your help is greatly appreciated. HC
  12. Am I the only person freaking out? Did you guys think it went well?
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