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  1. Thank you very much for your fast replies. *If my 2nd year was not a full-load (9 courses instead of 10), would they still take it account for the calculation given that my 3rd year was the full-load year?
  2. Hello, I was looking at other threads about GPA calculation but they were mainly old posts. In terms of present GPA calculation, how do they calculate the cGPA? When it states that the lowest year GPA will be dropped given that you have completed four or more full time years, does that mean you must have your fourth year completed? Or does it mean while you're in the process of completing your fourth year? For example. If: 1st yr GPA: 3.54 2nd yr GPA: 4.0 3rd year GPA: 3.94 4th year GPA: in progress Would the 1st year be dropped? Or would I have to wait until I complet
  3. It states that for non-academic requirements, you require a contact for each activity so they can verify the information. For the contact, does it have to be someone of greater status than yours? For example, in an non-profit organization, would you need the contact of someone at the executive position or is it okay to obtain the contact of a co-worker/member ? Thanks
  4. Hello, I was wondering how much they consider the "grade of W" from your transcript during the application review process? Thank you
  5. Hello, I'm currently in my 2nd year at the University of Alberta looking to apply to Calgary. I was wondering if anyone knew how their GPA calculation system operates? I read their manual and it states two full time years must be completed BY the time of application. Does this mean that you can only apply after you have completed your second year, since the credits are obtained after April, thus during your third year? Or can you apply during your second year so they look at your 1st/2nd year as you complete the application? Thank you
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