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  1. *=CaRMS Status Update Anatomical Pathology: Laval (Dec 4), UofT (Dec 5), UBC (Dec 9), Memorial (Dec 10), Queens (Dec 13 IMG), Dalhousie (Dec 11), McMaster (Dec 16 IMG) Anesthesiology: Manitoba (Dec 6), NOSM (Dec 9), UBC (Dec 11), Ottawa (Dec 12), Dalhousie (Dec 13), Queen's (Dec 14), Calgary (Dec 16*), USask (Dec 17), Alberta (Dec 17*), Western (Dec 17*), Memorial (Dec 18), McMaster (Dec 18) Cardiac Surgery: Dermatology: Alberta (Dec 4), Ottawa (Dec 16) Diagnostic Radiology: Saskatoon (Nov 28), UBC (Nov 29), MUN (Dec 4), Calgary (Dec 6) McMaster IMg (Dec 18)
  2. Hi all, Just did the QE I today and ran out of time on MCQ part and missed around 10 questions. Has anyone had something like this happen to them? If yes, was your score okay? Also, what’s the average score needed to pass in terms of questions right vs wrong usually, I.e what would getting 70% correspond to in terms of overall score?
  3. Hi everyone, I wanted to get advice on what to do with electives. Currently I’ve got 6 weeks of electives in Orthopedics and thinking about either doing 4 more. Would it be better to do all ortho or do the 4 in something different as a backup? Either Internal Med, Family or General surgery. Thanks!
  4. There is also Griffith University which has a much smaller class size (180 vs UQ's 500), is a little bit cheaper, and has a better reputation in Queensland hospitals. Plus you get to live right next to the beach which is always a bonus!
  5. I agree with this. If you want to stay for internship go to places like Queensland where there’s generally more intern spots for internationals. Every person I know who wanted to stay has been able to stay. This year they’ve changed things over and made it even better for internationals in Queensland, because your priority for internship is now equal to other Australians from out of State and it’s merit based, and because you rotate in Queensland you have a huge advantage. Also, if you want to do family med you can do 4 years there after you’re done and be qualified as a GP and the
  6. As somebody with close friends who’ve done medicine in Australia and Ireland, I can definitely say that Australia is the better way to go. RCSI is a very expensive option that seems to cater to Canadians, but in Australia you have the opportunity of staying in Australia which every Canadian I’ve seen almost always intends to do after they’ve spent a year there. Matching back to Canada has been equal for both, but at least with Australia you have a) the option of staying there, and b) cheaper than RCSI and a much richer experience. Why do people stay in Australia? The pay during training is muc
  7. Yeah, so I’ve heard as well.... been hearing it for years though and it doesn’t seem like any province has done much to curb rads pay. I think in Quebec it’s actually going up, not down.
  8. Can I ask why you’re transferring? And from which program? Guessing IM
  9. Hi guys, i understand that Ontario is currently negotiating with the medical association regarding a contract and this time with binding arbitration etc. My question is, does anyone know what the proposals are for radiologists or radiology pay?
  10. Is there any chance that radiology will remain lucrative as it has been given all the changes to the profession in terms of AI and the government going after radiologist pay? Plus, how good is radiology for a new grad?
  11. I know this might be a weird comparison, but what's the difference in renumeration between a dermatologist (in Ontario) and family med or FM+EM? I'm attracted to dermatology in general but lifestyle and pay are very important, and I'm not sure if I want to go down the path of killing myself over trying to get into dermatology.
  12. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense now actually. I'm starting to think family med is a good option after all lol. Does a +1 for family practitioners translate to significantly higher pay?
  13. From my discussion with several FPs, they all complained that specialists were working less and making more, especially subspecialties that don't require OR time or hospital resources. But yeah, that does seem to conflict with the popular opinion that you can make the same amount, or close to it, as an FP and have a much better life-work balance.
  14. Commons, thanks for the reply. Yes, that's a very valid point. So, I'll be honest, money is a huge factor for me. Although I'm only in my first year, my goal has always been to end up in a speciality that nets 700k+ a year. It seems unusual to me that the majority of people in med don't also have that same ambition to do specialities like radiology, ophthalmology or dermatology ( while they seem competitive, from the numbers I don't think they're THAT competitive. if I wanted one of the three and was willing to go far, I could land one) that can bring in a lot of money. Especially when yo
  15. Just out of curiosity, why has family med suddenly become so popular? There are a lot of grads now that are applying only to family med. I understand that there are many lifestyle benefits that come with family practice, but what about pay? Can't an MD make significantly more as a specialist than a family doctor, and in addition to that many specialties offer the same lifestyle benefits as family, like radiology, dermatology, etc. But with significantly higher pay.
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