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  1. Did you split your electives? Like 3 gen surg/2 ortho - or did you do a majority of them in one surgical specialty with 1-2 in another and still not get a surgical specialty? I'll be doing 4 general surgery electives, have general surgery research, etc - so I'm not worried about looking like I'm not all in, since I think my app says general surgery more than anything... My one ortho elective - I think i can swing that to general surgery as "I want to gain trauma exposure". But heres the thing- not backing up is too risky but backing up means you give away at least one pre-CaRMS so no m
  2. Yeah I worry about the number of ortho interviews I'll get - I'm thinking at least at the school I do an elective at and my home school as my core ortho rotation was really good and yielded a letter? If I get at least 3 or 4 I'd be happy. I'll apply all over Canada for both ortho and gen surg. Is that a realistic expectation?
  3. I'll have about 4 pre-CaRMS Gen Sx and have strong research in Gen Sx as well. Would that help differentiate me? I know theres a lot of beef with these two specialties and I don't want to piss of my number 1 - but at the same time, I don't want to back up with something I have no interest in doing. I'll most likely do 1 pre-CaRMS and 1 post-CaRMS ortho. I have some minor research that wasn't very fruitful in it as well. I love operating - I've spent time in both fields and while they're different, I actually enjoy the differences in their own way. Gen surg has the medicine aspect to it, wh
  4. The recent CaRMS match has taught me one thing - BACK UP! Even if you think you're a competitive applicant, it's not worth the risk of going unmatched. Of course there was a lot of success stories, but its the devastations that we all remember!! With that in mind, I'm planning on backing up my general surgery application with ortho - I would be happy doing ortho as well. I'll most likely hit up 1-2 ortho pre-carms electives and 1 post-carms as well. Would this be a reasonable back up? I know ortho is slightly less competitive than gen surg - but I know I'm limited with my fewer number
  5. Ok this is good to know! Will this be already shown on my NSLSC or OSAP website? Currently, I'm listed as owing more than $7300 for 1st and 2nd year. I'm currently midway through third year, so is that the final updated amount? I've been granted OSOG yearly.
  6. I've seen a few people mention how undergrad grades are assessed sometimes. But can they ask you for your med school grades even though transcript says P/F? I did fairly well in preclerkship and would have no problem disclosing these - but how do you even do so given that nothing is really "official"?
  7. Even in 1st and 2nd year where we end in May? So then the cap would be $44000 for the 4 years?
  8. So as I understand, if you qualify for the Ontario Student Oppertunity Grant (OSOG), you get a reduced debt load of $7500/2 term year max and $11000/3 term year max. So for medical school: that means MAX $37000 in OSAP for your 4 year medical degree. Is this correct? Any one have any idea at what my total OSAP loan will look like after 4 years? And why I'm not getting the full OSOG. Help a stressed med student out
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