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  1. I don't think they actually look at your graduate degree GPA. Why don't you apply to Western? They look at your 2 best years only, so with a 90+% you will probably get an interview.
  2. I remember seeing on their last year report that the range was 84-94?
  3. I suggest going to your personal dentist or dentists of your family members/ close friends. If you are a patient I think they will be less likely to say no.
  4. I got mine about a few days after I submitted everything.
  5. What are we supposed to enter for the three rows? RC, AA, and PAT scores? or just the date and DAT ID?
  6. I think their website says they look at RC pre-interview, then AA post-interview. Correct me if I am wrong.
  7. I am not sure how that works because they don't tell you which questions won't be counted. So you just have to do all of them!
  8. If I wrote the DAT during Feb 2016, and at the time of registration I've required the transcripts to be sent to UWO and U of T, but I didn't apply during the last cycle, will the schools still have my transcript? Or will I have to order again to apply for this cycle?
  9. I've been checking since the beginning of October for them to post the application too.
  10. I would have thought that your high GPA would offset your DAT
  11. Maybe try your dad's dentist first? I dont think they would reject because your dad is their patient afterall... Also, if you are in school, try the dental office on campus or close to campus. I just went in and asked, and they allowed me to shadow once a week. Good luck!
  12. wow 89.9??? It getting higher and higher each year... maybe in 5 year it would be ~95%....
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