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  1. Can you be considered both Quebec and Ontario resident at the same time?
  2. I tend to disagree. If you go to Ireland and finish dentistry. You can come back to Canada in 5 years and practice as a dentist. No exams needed because Ireland has reciprocity with Canada. The only downside is LOC. The DO route in USA would require MCAT though and would be far more stressful. So I guess I would recommend against it. But just because you dropped out of MOT degree does not mean you are not smart or anything. It is just that you did not enjoy the course work or felt burned out. I am just suggesting options to indicate that you have many paths to go and do not be sad.
  3. I read your whole post. A couple of words about being rock bottom. Hitting rock bottom is better than being at ‘average’. When you’re at total rock bottom you’re actually closer to success. Why? Because, when you’re at rock bottom, you’re only inches away from getting to that point where it’s so painful to stay where you’re currently at, that you scream: ENOUGH!!!!! You get up and take massive action because it’s too painful to stay where you are. Being in ‘average’ doesn’t motivate anyone to make drastic transformations in their lives. This is the danger of living in such a comfortabl
  4. Do MCAT before doing anymore years of schooling....after MCAT, fix GPA. No point fixing it before MCAT
  5. If any did masters in UK. Would Mac still give you the masters bonus?
  6. Hey! Don't think like that. You worked so hard to get where you are at. The reason you got your spot is because you deserve it and have what it takes to be a good dentist. Eventually you can get comfortable around women. Try to make slow steps towards being social and easing anxiety. In terms of women patients, just think of them as your mother or sister and try to provide the best care to them...that would help. Good luck.
  7. posting for a friend.. He graduated from UofT His 4th year GPA was: 3.98 (FALL) - 5 courses 4.0 (Winter) - 5 courses Summer (no courses) ->Finished degree Fall (2 courses part time at york to fullfill prerequisites) - 3.3 GPA How would this affect his wGPA? did he just kill his changes at UofT aswell? many thanks
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