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  1. Hey guys, I'm starting dentistry at UAlberta in August. I can't really remember the last time I felt so nervous about something -- specifically, I'm afraid that I'm going to fail out and have to do something else in life. Like maybe there's going to be too much material for me to handle or I won't have the hand coordination required to succeed. I had a pretty good DAT and a 4.0 in undergrad but for example I carved a million soaps and only got a 21 on MDT so I don't know what I'm going to do in dent school. I'm not looking to specialize or anything -- how difficult would it be to just pas
  2. I want to apply for bursaries first, since obviously any money I get from bursaries would be better than taking money from my LOC. In this case, should I apply to a bursary first, get the results for my bursary, THEN apply to a LOC? Can schools tell if you get a LOC or not, or will getting a LOC first hinder my bursary application?
  3. None of the resources are representative for the cDAT... but if you do well on those resources you can't do poorly on the cDAT is my opinion. Make sure you really hone your rock keyholes because I didn't realize they even existed and they were a good 1/3 of the keyhole section.
  4. Now I didn't do super well on the carving (21, I suspect I squished the soap a bit while putting it in the container, oh well), but since the soaps were really expensive I made my own soaps instead. They felt quite similar to my soap on exam day. I first got a pack of soaps from CDA and made two (you can make more) molds with them using silicone caulk. Then you can pour in a mixture of melt and pour soap base and beeswax that you melted (over a double boiler, NOT microwave!) into the molds and push them out after an hour or so. use about a 3:1 ratio of beeswax to soap base.
  5. I'm interested! I live in calgary so maybe we can meet up?
  6. have they released cutoff scores yet for the interview? Would feel much better if I find out my interview score met the cutoffs since it was really really low, but my other scores were really really high lol.
  7. correct me if I'm wrong but don't some places drop two years? That would help you out a ton.
  8. yeah I realize, but it would be nice to get a ballpark figure. Was also sort of hoping I just missed them telling us the average score or something. They said we can request our score starting april 1st.
  9. Do previous applicants at u of a know when they generally release the final results (if you got in or not)? Also, what's the average interview score of the successful applicant? I checked their stats page but I don't believe they had it.
  10. this doesn't personally affect me but I wonder why they're choosing to do it this way. At my school the 3rd and 4th year level courses are usually significantly easier than 1st/2nd year courses.
  11. I bring a little creme brulee torch with me when I interview so I can burn the door down instead.
  12. I think that's a common thing after mmis lol. I wouldn't fret
  13. I thought I did pretty well in general! Its my first mmi ever but I felt great after. We'll see when the marks come out though, maybe I completely missed the mark.
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