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  1. What are the best communities to live in in Edmonton? Would anybody recommend living in residence?
  2. I think there were 7 contacted a couple of months before.. So I guess they're just finishing up with contacting with all of my verifiers.
  3. I believe there is another wave of verifiers being contacted right now. Wonder what that means!
  4. Oh my goodness - the mean MCAT for 2/3 year entry is almost comical..
  5. I believe someone had mentioned in the forum that there would only be 20 spots this year?
  6. See title. Anyone know if our new fall grades would impact our current cumulative GPA calculation?
  7. Hey all! I'm currently an undergrad at Queen's. I'm wondering if there's anyone on Queen's campus that wants to start an MMI prep group. Msg me if you're interested!
  8. Since we are required to submit transcripts again in Feb. 2017, are those grades used to calculate our cGPA? Or is our GPA calculated only from the first transcript that we submit (with deadline of Oct. 1, 2016). The reason I'm asking is... second year applicants really only have 1 year of GPA available for calculation.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. I'm not quite sure why my transcript item is still listed under to-do then...
  10. Hey all. I just received an update under my To-Do List. It says: September XX, 2016: Received 1st and 2nd term registration." What does this mean?
  11. I guess you have a fair point, but also keep in mind that there are individuals from high school that receive prestigious awards such as Top 20 Under 20, etc, and everyone's on a (relatively) fair playing field.
  12. Would it be better to list them separately or together, since if I chose the latter I would be able to list alternative awards?
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