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  1. Is there a Facebook group for the class of 2020? Accepted off high waitlist earlier today
  2. does accepting an offer off of the waitlist at western take you off of the waitlist for other ontario med schools (queens specifically)?
  3. Hey everyone, just curious about my extra-curriculars and what your opinions are as to how UBC's AdCom might see them. Thanks in advance for the input! Awards: 2 small entrance scholarships 3 high school bursaries research: directed studies (single semester research project, kind of like a half-honours) Honours thesis 3 poster presentations for my honours research, one at national conference, one university level, one department level Volunteering: assistant hockey coach for 10 yr olds for 1 year in gr 12 lab volunteer for 2 years doing genotyping and training new volunteer
  4. Curious if there have been any emails sent out that give any information about the interview besides the fact that it is MMI/panel format. UBC had a ton of info on their website and in their emails leading up to the interview.
  5. I have a Schulich interview and just wondering if there is anyone in Victoria willing to meet up and practice? Send me a PM if you are
  6. I have a Queens interview and just wondering if there is anyone in Victoria willing to meet up and practice? Send me a PM if you are
  7. ya I understand they have a confidentiality agreement, I'm asking more about broad categories that they are likely to ask. For example, is more of a discussion focused around personal type questions (ie tell me about yourself), or do they ask you MMI type questions (ie ethical/policy/etc), or is it a random assortment of everything?
  8. Just curious what interviewees can expect from the panel interview at western? I have done MMI's but not panel interviews and I am wondering what kind of questions they generally like to ask (tell me about yourself, why do you want to be a doctor, etc.)? Any advice is much appreciated!
  9. I have interviewed at UBC and read a lot about how the MMI is conducted in general and at other schools like Mac, UBC, Calgary, but I cant find much info on what to expect from the Queens interview. Specifically, what kind of prompts do they like to ask in the MMI and what kind of questions does the panel throw at you (personal, ethical, etc.)? Any advice on this and/or how to prepare is much appreciated!
  10. Hey everyone, just curious if there is anyone in Victoria, BC that has an MMI coming up that would want to get together and practice. Possibly book a room at the UVic library once a week or more. Let me know!
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