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  1. Hey everyone, just curious about my extra-curriculars and what your opinions are as to how UBC's AdCom might see them.  Thanks in advance for the input!



    2 small entrance scholarships

    3 high school bursaries



    directed studies (single semester research project, kind of like a half-honours)

    Honours thesis

    3 poster presentations for my honours research, one at national conference, one university level, one department level



    assistant hockey coach for 10 yr olds for 1 year in gr 12

    lab volunteer for 2 years doing genotyping and training new volunteers

    hospital volunteer for 2 years

    volunteer with autistic individual helping them with their favourite recreational activities for just under a year

    member of a club that fundraises and plans for a yearly trip to honduras to bring medical aid to impoverished community for 2 years



    science tutor during my last year of university, employed by the faculty of science to assist first year students

    forest fire fighter for 3 summers

    gas station for 2 years

    dairy queen for 1 year

    minor hockey referee for 4 years in high school



    tutored a girl for 1 year in high school

    certified as emergency medical responder in BC

    organized yearly kids day event at the fire fighting base i worked at

    avid SCUBA diver, hockey player, and backcountry hiker



    phys/cars/bio/psych 131/130/131/127 for total of 519 (98th percentile)


    aGPA ~90%

    prereq GPA ~82% (had a rough first year, very strong upward trend)


    IP applicant


    Thanks again!

  2. I have interviewed at UBC and read a lot about how the MMI is conducted in general and at other schools like Mac, UBC, Calgary, but I cant find much info on what to expect from the Queens interview.  Specifically, what kind of prompts do they like to ask in the MMI and what kind of questions does the panel throw at you (personal, ethical, etc.)?


    Any advice on this and/or how to prepare is much appreciated!

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