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  1. ok so if I'm a dual citizen going to med school in canada... lets say I do my residency in Canada and then want to do a fellowship or work in the US, would I need the usmle? I wouldn't need a visa to work there because I'm already a citizen... so would there be any point in writing it?
  2. Accepted! wGPA: 4 MCAT 522 OOP Interview: thought it was very weird, wasn't confident at all. Really excited to have an offer!
  3. Have all of the ontario schools confirmed that they'll be releasing decisions on may 10th? I know u of t has, but what about the rest? Or are they just "by may 15th" with no specific date?
  4. One negative of writing it early is that if u end up wanting to apply to US schools, they only accept it if it's done with in 3 years for most schools, so you'd need to be careful that it doesn't expire. Most Canadian schools seem to accept it for 5 years
  5. So I'm finally starting to get rid of a bunch of textbooks I've accumulated over my undergraduate degree. Should I be keeping any of them for med school? In particular I have a really nice cell bio textbook (I think it's called "the cell", its massive and cost about 200 dollars). I also have textbooks on immunology, virology, statistics, biochemistry, bioethics...would they ever be a useful reference? And others that I assume would be less useful (calc, intro genetics, intro psychology, evolutionary psychology, intro bio, gen chem, organic chemistry, physics). What should I keep (if
  6. A week is a long time! For some schools I think they only give you 48 hrs to respond to a wait list acceptance.
  7. They didn't invite 35 oop. From the table, it appears this is the number of rural OOP applicants whose files were reviewed. It looks like they didn't release the number of OOP interviewed. I'd expect it to be similar or less than previous years, since they cut OOP spots to 5% of the class from 10%.
  8. Was this email sent to everyone? I didn't get anything yesterday
  9. I stayed there for my interview last weekend. I walked over in my boots and then just switched my shoes as soon as I entered the building. I left my boots with the coats and it was fine.
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