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  1. What US schools should I consider? Don't US schools look at cgpa as well ?
  2. So I am in my fourth year of university right now. I am a ontario resident btw. My first 3 year GPA were (2.15, 3.1, 3.2), but I had a 3.9 this fall semester, and i am positive that i can get close to a 4.0 in the winter semester. I also plan on doing a 5th year and hopefully I can get very close to a 4.0. But I feel like even after 5th year I would not have too many options b/c I can only apply to western, queen's dalhousie's and maybe mac ( I think my cgpa will be around 3.4 after 5th year).?? So I am also starting to consider just graduating this year then starting a second degree bu
  3. Thank you so much !! I was trying so hard to find some fourth year courses to put in my timetable.
  4. Hi guys, I am going into 4th year and I am planning on doing a 5th year but I was wondering if it is ok if I have only third year courses in my fourth year, since the website says 3rd year level or above but the note says a mix of 3rd and 4th year courses is acceptable for fourth year. This is my 4th year of undergrad but I transferred schools so I am technically considered 3rd year in my school right now and I don't have priority to enroll in lot of 4th year courses I want to enroll in so I plan on taking the 4th year courses in my 5th year. In your 4th year of study 3 of 5 full course
  5. Under recommended courses, it says "Note: As applicants are required to demonstrate their academic ability to determine their suitability for the rigorous MD curriculum, taking the Credit/D/Fail option for required and strongly recommended courses may not be a helpful indicator in the selection process and could potentially jeopardize your application to the program" But I screwed up and ended up getting a D+ in Organic chemistry 2. Am I screwed for UBC?
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