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  1. On OMSAS are you allowed to submit you letters of reference after you submit your application? I know you can do this for AAMC (AMCAS). It's so I can still submit my application as early as possible even if I don't have all my letters yet.
  2. For OMSAS and AMCASS, how does the uploading process for letters of recommendation work? Do references upload one letter for all of the schools to see, or do they upload a separate letter for each school? I ask because this year I am planing to apply to a large number of med schools (almost 20) through both OMSAS and AMCAS and will soon be asking for letters of recommendation. Should I tell my references to include the name of the med school in the letter? For example: "I am writing this letter to support (insert my name here) in applying to (insert med school name here)." Is including th
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