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  1. Hi everyone, I am curious to know if medical schools go beyond addressing mental health and self-care in orientation week to hold workshops or seminars through-out the year about practicing self-care? Is this something medical students are interested in learning about? Thanks!
  2. Okay! And from what I learned it's possible to do a graduate degree during residency. It's good to know they are not necessary for residency.
  3. Cool! That's great to hear. Just like the below OP is asking. What do you think matters?
  4. When you say dual degree program do you mean MD/PhD? I read the other thread that was mentioned, and I'm really glad to hear that it's not necessary to have a graduate degree to match to a competitive specialty. What a relief!
  5. You're right! I checked out the thread and it was very useful. It answered all the questions I have.
  6. Hi everyone, I am seriously considering doing an MSc in neuroscience before I apply to medicine. I am passionate about neuroscience, and at the moment I see myself pursuing neurosurgery or neurology. My question is: Is it worth it to post-pone medical school for two years to do an MSc? Will an MSc help with future residency applications in a neuro related specialty? And finally, I have heard that it is almost essential to have a PhD in order to get into neurosurgery or neurology in Canada. Is this true? I have been thinking about this for months now, and haven't been able to come up w
  7. Hey, what can you do to help yourself in the short term? Focus on making small, short-term improvements, and I would focus on bringing up that GPA first before getting involved in extracurriculars. This summer, set a goal GPA for the bird courses. Once you reach that goal, take a moment to celebrate and feel good about it. Once you're at a place where you feel your grades are up to your standard, then start to add one extra-curricular at a time. Give yourself time to get adjusted to the new activity, and then add another one once you're ready to take on more. That's what I do. Focus on what yo
  8. Hey, I haven't read any of the responses to this thread, but my automatic response is: NO. You are not shut out of med school. Start next semester as if it is a new beginning. It will be imperative that you bring your grades up, but if you do, and you can keep them up for 2, 3, 4+ years, and be involved in the community by volunteering, working, etc., then you have a good chance. Your first 2 years will be a part of your history, and you will need to have a good response for why they happened, but if you are able to turn it around and do well, then you have a good shot.
  9. Hey! To convert your GPA to a 4.0 scale Google the OMSAS GPA conversion chart, or to make things easier here it is: http://www.ouac.on.ca/docs/omsas/c_omsas_b.pdf
  10. Hey! I only read the thread up until this post, so apologies if this has been mentioned, but there is no work for some specialities in the North. For example, neuro seems to be concentrated in provinces with the largest urban areas in Canada: Quebec, Ontario, and BC. Here's a link to the CMA description of Neurosurgery, and it says there are 0 neurosurgeons in the Territories :https://www.cma.ca/Assets/assets-library/document/en/advocacy/neurosurgery-e.pdf I'm not trying to kill your ambition, but wanted to share the profile on your specialty of choice. The CMA has a profile like this for all
  11. Exactly. I wanted to mentally prepare myself for the cost. Now, it's not only the most important test of my life (so far), but also the most expensive! I'm going to justify it by telling myself it will ultimately be a small price to pay for the end goal of medicine.
  12. Hey everyone! I'm registering for the MCAT, and want to know if the registration cost is in US or CDN?
  13. Great ted talk. I think what he's talking about is more than just treating poverty as a disease, but treating poverty as a cause of disease. By prescribing income and connecting patients to resources we go deeper than treating the symptoms of disease caused by poverty, and treat the underlying cause of those diseases: patients' social determinants of health.
  14. It sounds like you're dealing with a lot, and only you will be able to decide whether or not to continue your pursuit. Bambi made a good suggestion. Have you spoken to anyone about what you're going through? What are your options at this point? What will happen if you continue your pursuit of medicine? What will happen if you don't? Are you practicing self-care, or do you find yourself too busy to take time for yourself? You don't have to answer these questions here, but hopefully you think about them.
  15. Hey! Since no one has replied to you yet I'll see if I can help you a little bit. What are you writing when you reach out to professors? I have read that professors are more likely to respond to personalized emails. I can elaborate on that more if you want. Are you being clear that you're interested in volunteer opportunities, and not a paid position? When I was doing my own research about how to get involved in research I found a few articles with tips about how to approach professors. Let me know if you'd like me to send them to you.
  16. Hey! I'm in a similar position as you. Crappier 1st year GPA, much better second year GPA so far this year, and decent ECs. I am resisting the urge to apply next cycle as a third year applicant even though I cannot wait to finish undergrad as fast as possible. The thing is only 6%-10% of applicants get accepted per school in Ontario, so the way I see it I can apply next year with a slim-to-zero chance of getting an interview invite, or I can continue to improve my application tremendously for one more year. It takes a lot of energy to apply, and it may be worth while to focus that energy o
  17. Hey Frederick! The science prerequisite courses will no longer be required at UBC, but they still require 2 semesters of English. This proposal was passed yesterday by the university, and it starts for the 2016/2017 cycle. Check out their website. They've been pretty transparent about the process.
  18. Does your university have a student rights centre? If there's one, then they'll be able to help you in this situation. The student rights centre at my university deals with appealing grades all the time, and they were very useful when I went there once. This may be useful for you: http://www.ombudservice.ualberta.ca/en/AppealingaGrade.aspx
  19. I'm IP for Quebec. Good to know I need to submit my cegep grades for McGill, and that they have a significant component for ECs. I'll have to ask other universities directly once I get to the stage of applying. I'm glad not all is lost for my chances in Ontario, if I bring up GPA and improve ECs. Thanks Etale!
  20. I'm focusing on bringing up my GPA and improving my ECs including research over the next two years. I won't be applying to french schools because I'm not fluent in french Thanks Bruhh, I appreciate the feedback! It's good to know where I stand.
  21. Hey everyone, I thought it'd be appropriate for my first post here to be a "What are my chances?" post I'm more of a non-trad (applying to regular stream) since I graduated high school several years ago, then went to CEGEP, but didn't finish the program. Due to various personal reasons I dropped out, and worked for a few years. I was accepted to uni as a mature student, and studied part-time in uni while working full-time and living on my own. I made the definitive decision to apply to medical school, and went back full-time last fall. Med has been a dream of mine since elementary school,
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