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  1. I don't know what advice to give about that, however, I do know people who applied to both Med-P and Dent-P last year, one got accepted to both, another only to Dent-P, and another only to Med-P.
  2. Definitely apply to Med-P. I am currently in med-1 at a different university, however a close friend applied with a r score a bit higher than yours, his CV was average in my opinion - he got an interview and is in Med-P this year. And, I assume you are in your third semester, so you have a chance to raise your R-Score before the application, as they will consider your first three semesters. However, know that getting an interview with an r-score lower than 33 or even 34 is very difficult. I have many freinds who had 33s and 34s for the last application cycle, and CVPNs similar to the afor
  3. Artzin's comment applies to all med schools.
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