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  1. Thanks for answering. So they don't give any option to answer in english eh? my french is really rusty and im not sure if they would judge my poor fr answer...
  2. So I checked off the box that I am able to speak French on OMSAS. I can speak it but def wouldnt classify myself as a bilingual candidate. I've heard that UOTTAWA asks fr question to individuals who checked off that box on OMSAS...What kind of questions can I expect? Are they easy? Can I answer in English (and if I do, will this negatively affect my chance?) Appreciate everyone's help!
  3. I am wondering if I should email my supervisors/verifiers with full/exact detail but guess not
  4. Do you guys know many verifiers ubc usually checks per applicant? 3-4 ish?
  5. Is it a bad idea to write about my research (no conference, no award, will be included in an upcoming abstract though) for one of the 3 ABS essays? Just dont know what to write for the scholar part :/
  6. Thanks for the reply. I'm just worried about my crappy cars score + low overall score...I know it's fine preinterview but will this cut me postinterview?
  7. Hi everyone, What do you think of my chance for this yr? stats: converted to ubc gpa: 93% mcat: 510 (126cars) IP student Thank you!
  8. what bout 126 cars (510 totl) combined with 93% gpa? thoughts? IP student
  9. Hi Guys, Waat would be my chance? IP student, 3RD YR cgpa = 3.96 cars = 126\ thanks <3
  10. Sorry, but could you clarify? Do you mean that you only had to fill in only one phone number before? Thank you
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