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  1. Because they read this forum and like messing with us
  2. I agree that the most important thing they're assessing is your communication. While it is important to investigate a situation, I doubt there really were any ways to truly "conclude" most of the stations.
  3. Putting a group together so if anyone else is interested DM me!
  4. Yeah I was under the impression that those who applied to md/phd got their file reviewed earlier...but maybe it's reviewed first by the md/phd people and if they aren't interested then they send it to the md stream
  5. Great! DM me and we can figure something out! Ideally looking to make a group of 3-4
  6. Anyone in Toronto interested in setting up a small practice group?
  7. Hey guys is anyone interested in doing some interview practice in Toronto? I'm looking to set up a small group. Thanks!
  8. Result: Invite Time Stamp: 2:57 Interview Date: TBD wGPA/cGPA: ~3.8 Year: Last year of pharmacy school MCAT: 520 (130/128/132/130) ECs: Plenty of pharmacy work (worked in a community pharmacy for 2+ years, hospital pharmacy work in antimicrobial stewardship), Research experience with one paper published, volunteer work in palliative care and with rehab patients, multiple sports teams, a couple clubs Geography: OOP
  9. Result: Invite MD/PhD wGPA: 3.87 MCAT: no ECs: Research, got a paper published, volunteering, on a couple sports teams, was on the exec for one of them, lots of pharmacy work in both the hospital and community setting Year: Finished BSc, currently finishing a pharmacy degree IP/OOP/International: IP CASPER: I guess good enough to get an interview. I did have trouble finishing the third question for a couple of them.
  10. Yeah threads don't normally disappear according to the rules... 6) If you start a thread or make an account it is permanentOnce you've posted on the site or made an account, it’s there forever. We do not delete threads or accounts except in extreme cases. Even if we do remove a thread/account that you may regret posting, everything which is deleted is permanently cataloged and available to the moderators. I guess it was an extreme case?
  11. Does anyone from quebec have experience with how lenient Ottawa is with prereqs? I did Org2 in cegep but took more advanced organic chemistry course at McGill. The same goes for the chem requirements. Anyone go through a similar issue?
  12. This wait is killing me. I went from thinking 8 went well to like 5 or 6 lol. Just out of curiosity...how many times have the rest of you taken the MMI?
  13. How many stations do you guys think went well for you? I'm pretty sure only 7 went well for me but who knows what they're actually looking for lol.
  14. Savez-vous comment ils combinent les moyennes du bac et pharmacie? Sont-ils combinés de façon égale?
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