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  1. I'm in Sri Lanka right now... it's currently 5 pm... I've been thinking about it all day haha
  2. Yes they do, but someone OOP would have to share. My understanding is that you're shown the average scores of the pool you apply in.
  3. Accepted off the IP waitlist GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 515 Casper: Always hate writing it, most stressful part of the entire application as far as I'm concerned. EC and Essays: Worked hard on my essay this year, had lots of people I trust proof-read it... ended up doing slightly worse compared to last year haha! Interview: Always a good time. MMI is a fun way to interview, just remember to shake it off if you have a bad station. I could barely talk in coherent sentences for one and I still made it. Score: 66.97 So very excited. I started shaking and crying when I got m
  4. I'm in Ottawa, definitely interested in practice. Out of town for the next week but PM for better contact info.
  5. I'm in Ottawa too at the moment. We could try to figure something out :)

    1. hwhit


      How long are you in Ottawa?

    2. hwhit


      feel free to email me at whittaker.holly@gmail.com

  6. I'm a bit east of Ottawa for a while so we could try to tee something up for in person.
  7. Time stamp: 1:14PM EST Result: Invite! wGPA: 3.9 MCAT: 515 ECs: Hospital volunteering (little), tutoring, CAF Reserves as a medic, student trainer for 6 years, band, personal hobbies. Essay: Spent a lot of time on it this year and had lots of people review it and give feedback. Year: 2nd year out of school IP/OOP: IP, formally an OOP... nice to have this status back, I've lived in NS a total of 19/28 years lol
  8. As a former non-maritimer, they also only invite the "top" 50 ish non-maritime applicants. I've had interviews the last 2 years and I'm considered maritime this year, but I had a very strong connections essay since the only time I didn't live in NS is for high school.
  9. Low waitlist for me. Left the interview in tears so can't say I'm too surprised. Oh well... maybe next year. Oh god, I have to teach now... time for the big girl panties lol
  10. Date: 9 May Result: low waitlist 2BY: 3.94 ish, can't remember MCAT: 515 (130, 129, 130, 126) Interview: left in tears so can't really say I'm surprised. Trying my hardest to be positive about this. There's a reason things happen the way they do. Going to keep trying, hopefully I'll see you lovely folks as either fellow interviewees or better yet, med 1s! Best of luck out there!!!
  11. omg my mother keeps texting me so every time my phone vibrates my heart rate skyrockets! I think she's doing that on purpose lol
  12. It's because you're human... I feel like we're all thinking the same thing. I know I feel rather nauseated at the thought of even going to sleep. I did get to play with a 6-week old kitten tonight so that did help to settle my fragile nerves for a few hours haha! Not quite an armful of puppies but I take what I can lol. Deep breaths
  13. I'm actually looking forward to the subject line more-or-less telling me. With Dal's decision letter there was a generic subject line, an email saying "a decision has been made regarding your application", a link to click, a login and password to answer, THEN reading the actual decision letter. The anxiety levels increased with each step lol. Regarding what I'm doing today... probably a lot of cleaning haha. If the weather clears up I'm going to go outside and sand some furniture in preparation for stain and finish. If it doesn't, I'll either sew some stuff or knit some stuff....... I hat
  14. I was thinking the same! I got a tour of the rec centre and it looks awesome!
  15. Yeah absolutely! I was a student athletic trainer for 6 years (lots of injuries/on-site first aid) and I've been a medic in the reserves for almost 5 years working in the field and in clinics. One is "extra-curricular", the other is "employment". Did that answer your question?
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