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  1. Accepted - Unspecified campus Time Stamp: 12:06PM GPA: 3.85 MCAT: 33 (11,11,11) Interview: Felt very good about it Writing Sample: Felt good about it too IP, Non SWOMEN 2015 Undergraduate I feel like I'm in a dream, hope all of you guys get good news today or in the coming weeks.
  2. Accepted - Hamilton Time Stamp: 8:13 AM GPA: 3.85 VR: 11 CASPER: Wasn't happy with it. Interview: Felt very good about it/ IP 2015 Undergraduate
  3. I actually had a really pleasant experience with the Mac MMI, it was almost fun. Nice meeting everyone and good luck to all come May 10th!
  4. I have the same MCAT score; was gutted with that MCAT cutoff rejection last year, I know the feel.
  5. I've only gotten word from Mac, have people been receiving word from elsewhere?
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