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  1. Yup. The admissions team at UofA is an incredible group of people. I bothered Kimberly a bunch throughout the process mostly post-offer, but I wouldn't hesitate to email/call if you're concerned about your app.
  2. 100th percentile MCAT 3.95 GPA, stunning ECs (huge numbers and all nicely rounded off --> almost unbelievable?..) and can't find the accepted/rejected threads to see if that stacks up for admission... I'm not sure what these standards measure if this isn't just a brag. I apologize if you're being genuine, but I can't believe you're serious.
  3. Congratulations on your MCAT increase!! Also, I couldn't agree more with G. It only takes one good interview to get a seat, so I would apply broadly to every school that you could see yourself attending and that you meet the minimums at. I would also prep hard for the MMI as you absolutely can excel at it through preparation. That said, it's very late in this app cycle to be worried about where you are going to apply (unless you are talking about next cycle).
  4. Hard cut-offs are a cold reality of applications and many of us have been found ineligible based on them at one or more Canadian medical schools--since schools often look for different things. This is especially hard to stomach when it is a single point, but I have not personally heard of anyone getting past them with a lower score, maybe someone else has.
  5. I submitted two leadership awards (uni) and the others were academic and fairly common (also uni). My thought was to submit the awards that helped me stand out the most and were the most recent. Honestly, just present yourself the best way that you can and know that it's probably more than good enough. As for the tax question I guess it doesn't matter whether it hurts your app or not because there isn't anything you can do about it anyway, so why worry? Good luck with the rest of the admissions process Careb!
  6. Has anyone heard anything about this? I know I'm a fairly unremarkable candidate among classmates, but I was hoping to get some breadcrumbs y'know?
  7. I have personally been working with Alex Auld at RBC in Windermere. In addition to setting me up with a PLOC he has also been great about taking the time to talk with me candidly about markets and investing. He is a fun guy to chat with about financial topics. Disclaimer: As a 2020 I only have initial impressions and early business to base my endorsement on.
  8. Another important thing to consider is that many Canadian programs drop varying amounts of your worst grades if you carry a full course load in UG. From what you posted I'm not sure if this helps or not.
  9. Well, that's good to know on both accounts. Thanks for the reply G.
  10. I've been reading up on different strategies for handling the amount of information presented in medical lectures and was hoping current students might offer advice on how they're approaching notes/lectures at UAlberta med and maybe any strategies that haven't worked well so they can be avoided. I've been checking out some public FOMD events like the recent Dr. Slamon lecture and substance use panel. At each of these we have been in rooms (B.Snell and ECHA) with little flip up chair desks. Are those typical for lectures?
  11. I have to agree with G. You seem to be looking at a lot of things you can't control right now (other people, the process, the future) and it would likely be better to focus on the things you can control while being honest with yourself. Being 30 and just entering med this year I have never felt like I missed a grade. I came from a loving but financially disadvantaged family and had to make my own way. I cherish my callouses and scars. I enjoy my ability to relate/talk shop with patients. I love that my path developed my dexterity and practical problem solving. In undergrad I admired st
  12. I have worked with H4H a bunch since I'm a tradesperson and they can find a use for anyone that comes along. Since I can read prints, do residential electrical, and build thats what I did. My wife spent the day insulating and other friends packed around materials/did jobs that were explained to them. H4H even has orientation vids and you will be well supervised (good opportunity to learn some new skills). They also have the ReStore where you can work in retail or shipping/receiving. Since I had f-lift training I zipped around on that for a day. It was a lot of fun to work with them and the o
  13. There does seem to be a stigma around shadowing in Canada, but in Alberta if you do the online confidentiality and information security course in addition to some other paperwork you can certainly shadow. I found greater success in a rural setting and also you will often be the only learner, so its an incredible learning opportunity! The key throughout is communication with the patient and being absolutely clear about your education level, goals, and position in the medical community. I worried about my presence being deleterious to patient care and outcomes, but the vast majority of patients
  14. Learn from others' mistakes; it's easier.
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