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  1. I apologize if it came across as hasty but your post came across as snooty. Anyhow, you can keep thinking that the difference between an avg score of 128.9 vs. 129.1 is significant and I'll do the opposite.
  2. Yes, you have a chance! As to your other question, if you just want to get into Mac, your time will be better spent on casper instead of redoing cars.
  3. For me, it was Casper. That landed me the interview. From there on, it was all about the interview my friend :).
  4. You only need to do CASPer once for all the medical schools in Canada. Unless you are applying to french schools, then I think you have to write it twice.
  5. Why must premeds obsess and be so neurotic? ....
  6. I got in with a significantly lower GPA and CARS score than my classmates. It can be done. Focus on CASPer and then once you get an interview, you'll be on par with everyone else
  7. No, I don't think anyone knows how they really did but I was able to get an interview despite having a lower GPA and CARS score.
  8. I'm a first year med student at Mac and happy to answer any questions about CASPer and share my experience now that I'm on the other side! Just PM me.
  9. Those Bemo questions are free but beware for premeds that those practice scenarios as well as the sample answers provided are not representative of the actual CASPer exam including how much you're expected to write. The "sample" answers are ridiculously long. How would anyone even have enough time to type that within 5 mins? Physically impossible. I guess whoever came up with that response didn't factor in the time limit.
  10. I wouldn't exactly say that the avg CARS score went down. 129.1 vs 128.9 is the same! It does look like there were slightly more people from other provinces.
  11. Focus on CASPer and do well. If you excel on CASPer with your GPA, I think you're almost certain to get an interview!
  12. It's possible but I don't think it's happened at NOSM in the past 3 years. I could be wrong though?
  13. I'm not sure but I think sharing a screenshot might get you into trouble.
  14. According to what we were told, the number of residency spots for CARMS has been relatively constant compared to the number of medical school spots which has increased significantly. Therefore, the plan was not to increase the number of residency spots (maybe no funding?) and instead slash the number of first year entrance spots to medical school ... bummer I know.
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