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  1. Thank you and you are right- it would be great if UBC had a residence for pharmacy students on/near campus- in the meantime I am on a searching spree on CL for a place .
  2. Also I hope Mushmusic and ycjw get in too- good luck you guys! BTW, does anybody know of any cheap housing options near UBC or are you guys thinking of commuting? I haven't decided yet because it seems expensive to live on or near campus but i also want to do really well in school so...
  3. Thanks and I second that, I look forward to meeting all of you guys too!
  4. I got my acceptance letter!!!!!! Omg. I have never felt so tired yet so excited
  5. Based on past years wait listed people tend to be admitted so i would take your advice with a grain of salt. Literally every other pharmacy school still has to extend out offers. In my point of view, and I may be wrong, but a wait list offer is not a rejection- a rejection is a rejection. A rejection is like not making the basketball team in my point of view for whatever reason while a wait list is not making it on the B team (The batch that subs in for injured players on the A team or whatever).Its admittedly a terrible analogy but you get the picture. They would have just sent out a rejectio
  6. me too but i think this is a positive thing not a negative thing. Other schools are gonna reply back to people later and more rejections are coming so we still have a shot still
  7. I wonder how many people, other than Mushmusic and I, are still stuck in this twilight zone- waiting for an acceptance, wait list or rejection letter... I've called UBC pharmacy (Carol) so many times I'm pretty sure they probably started recognizing my number now. I have officially lost any sense of shame.
  8. If the people on Wednesday were contacted based only on their interview because they were the best then the people that got rejection emails on the same day had the lowest MMI score? Why send rejection emails out at the same time?So is everyone that was not contacted basically on hold because we ended up being average on the MMI until someone from the first batch rejects their admission offer? Also did anyone ask pharmacy how many people reject their offer, on average, every year? I have so many questions now -___-
  9. They are grouping them in batches according to year level/senority hence everyone with a degree(or fourth year) got theirs on wednesday and only people with a degree got rejected according to messages from other applicants and my friends inpharmacy that got in last year. The batches are 5-6 days apart or basically next wednesday is when the second batch of acceptances and rejections go out
  10. Hey i still havent gotten mine yet and was wondering does yourlast name start with a letter in tge latter part of the alphabet (say Q to Z) so we can figure out if they are coming out alphabetically thanks
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