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  1. In terms of waitlist, last year Mac and Toronto turned over large portions of there programs (I don't know about Western & Queens). Many of the same students get accepted to multiple programs so generally there is a fair bit of movement on wait lists.
  2. Current first year from UofT. I agree with previous comments that in the end no matter where you go, we all get the same education for the national exam. There are little things to consider for all schools however. Western & Queens are obviously smaller cities and probably cost less to live in. Western is well known for its MSK program! If PBL is for you then Mac is also a great option. Toronto has a busy first year. CardioResp is taught by a PT who was awarded a Global PT award recently and our president wrote our text book. We have a great anatomy program from September to January for
  3. Hey everyone, Congratulations on your CAP invites! I'm currently in PT at U of T and can't wait to meet some of you in September! In terms of the CAP, if I had any advice for you guys (I saw someone ask how others were preparing) it would be to make sure your answers are not cookie cutter. Remember that 350 people just like you are answering the same questions, so you need to formulate answers that will stand out from the others. Don't go in and give a generic, regurgitated answer. Be original, draw on your personal experiences, and get creative. That's what will make an impression more t
  4. Mac and UofT will be holding there interviews on different weekends this year. No way UofT can release CAP invites and hold the interviews the same weekend as Mac. Good luck with your application!
  5. Has anyone seen or joined a UofT PT/OT Group on Facebook for 2018 class? Would love to start getting connected.
  6. Accepted to UofT PT!!! SubGpa of 3.82 Was rejected by Queens & McMaster. Congrats to all who have gotten in. And to those who haven't, this was my second time, don't give up on your dream.
  7. Got invited to UofT CAP but rejected for Alberta MMIs. SubGPA 3.82. Good luck everyone
  8. Hey, I applied with a 3.81, I'm from out of province though. You should check out the thread 'pt/ot accepted/waitlisted/rejected 2016'. A lot of people post their GPA and which schools they have applied to. Good luck!!
  9. Second time applying, just missed out last year so went back for a semester to boost my GPA. Applied: MacMaster, UofT, Queen's, U of Alberta Accepted: Waitlisted: Rejected: cumGPA: 3.26 subGPA: 3.82 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Pretty confident in my essays and references with my experiences and great relationship with my referees. Volunteered/Worked 5000+ hours over the past four years as a Kinesiologist/Physio Assistant in different Physiotherapist clinics working directly with Physiotherapists. Lots of volunteering within my community and local schools as well.
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