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  1. Did you mail your proof of citizenship to them? Why would they lose your email?
  2. Except the interesting thing about UBC specifically is that they evaluate in 2 phases: first phase, they only care about GPA and DAT. second phase, they only care about interview and PBL. So GPA and DAT has no influence on the final decision.
  3. Yeah Also, just piggybacking off this question, does anyone know how to send in the Nov 2016 DAT scores? Do we just email it when we get the report?
  4. Do you know when they "mailed" it out? Canada Post takes only 4 business days to mail something across Canada.
  5. TeamPC here. Agreed with the above two posters, with some TLC, PC's can last just as long as a Mac (had mine for 7 years and counting). The only reasons I would switch are for the same reasons as you Mac users: getting slow and want a hardware upgrade. Glorious PC Master Race.
  6. Called in and they said they'll be able to pull DAT scores that were submitted prior to your UBC submission! You won't see the checkmark on the checklist until November, though.
  7. On the UofT website it states that : "If you will not be completing your graduate degree requirements by June 30 in the proposed year of entry, you will not be considered." Are there any graduate students who were granted an interview on this forum who applied and are expected to complete AFTER the June 30 deadline but BEFORE September?
  8. Just curious, have you personally been interviewed at any American schools? If so, which one? And what was your experience like, compared to Western?
  9. This question is directed to anyone who had an interview at Western this past weekend who also received interviews at American schools. It is my understanding that American schools use a similar format to Western (traditional-style). Can anyone comment on the similarities/differences between the interview experiences? I'm curious to see if having American interviews before the Western interview (next year) will help prepare me.
  10. That makes sense. But in that respect, why isn't Waterloo, UBC, or Western following through with that?! Why must those students stress out due to those reasons. Perhaps there's a bunch of logical explanations that I simply don't see. In any case, I should have went to Mac
  11. The way I see it, I don't really understand the point of giving students an "A" or a "12" on their official transcript. In my mind, its very easy to just put the EXACT percentage achieved in the course. That way, you aren't OVERESTIMATING for students who get 80, 85, or 90 AND you are not UNDERESTIMATING for students who get 100, 89, or 84. If anyone knows the reason for GPA's (ie. 4.0, 12, or letter -scale), please enlighten me.
  12. "Can't please everyone" Haha, well, they obviously don't mind pleasing Mac and York students I guess the point of this thread was to point out the "unfairness" of how the GPA is calculated depending on the school you attend. Why can't all schools just be normal and stick to the percentages Why the need for a 12-scale system? Such is life.
  13. I don't think the GPA system is fair at all. to give a 5% boost to students who achieve 90% is NOT equal to students who lose 1.5% when they achieve 89%. similarly, an 80-84 will equal an 82.5, but lets be honest...it definitely does NOT equal out when students are getting 85+ in their courses. each 90-100 = 95% and mind you, anything above a 95% is NOT easy.
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