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    DC-Comics reacted to Zaandrei. in Apply Without Dat Scores   
    Should be automated... when you signed up for the DAT, the sign-up sheet should've asked to which schools the results should be send after they are released. If you hadn't chosen the schools you wanted correctly, give them a call to update that information.
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    DC-Comics got a reaction from Kentucky Fried Blaziken in Laptop Preference   
    TeamPC here.
    Agreed with the above two posters, with some TLC, PC's can last just as long as a Mac (had mine for 7 years and counting).  The only reasons I would switch are for the same reasons as you Mac users: getting slow and want a hardware upgrade.
    Glorious PC Master Race.
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    DC-Comics reacted to JohnGrisham in American Vs Western 2016 Interview   
    Actually American schools vary quite greatly in their interview style. Many will use panel(traditional) style, some will do 2:1, and many are starting to do MMI (or already doing it) also. 
    And yes, having other interviews will definitely help prepare you for western - if not for the simple reason of having prior exposure to a stressful situation, and confidence boosting. Get your "interview day" routine so to speak in order.
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    DC-Comics reacted to inquirer007 in Western Gpa Calculation Unfair?   
    I wish my prof realized how 1 percent makes a difference when he gave me that 79 loool 
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    DC-Comics got a reaction from inquirer007 in Western Gpa Calculation Unfair?   
    "Can't please everyone" 
    Haha, well, they obviously don't mind pleasing Mac and York students
    I guess the point of this thread was to point out the "unfairness" of how the GPA is calculated depending on the school you attend.  Why can't all schools just be normal and stick to the percentages  Why the need for a 12-scale system?
    Such is life.
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