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  1. And by they way, congratulations on everybody getting in. If you're concerned about the job market, just remember, Canada has lots of small communities.
  2. When does the semester start? i.e. First day of classes? And how do I check the status of my housing application? Every time I click to check it in the SSC, it gives me a most empty webpage with no useful information.
  3. yea i'll be very surprised if I don't get in. I only had issues with 1 station. And besides having a 30 second long awkward pause at the end of the actor station, I think that one went well too.
  4. lol i was in the wrong forum. I had the 2014, 2015, and 2016 forum open. I guess i accidentally posted on the wrong one.
  5. I got an invite, somehow. I don't know how but I did. Only at UWO RC 21, AA was 22 I think? PAT 18. GPA: I lost track of how each school calculates it. If it's your 2 best years only then I got 3.995 GPA at TRU, so I believe that's a hair under 3.9 according to omsas. Don't know what percentage that would be.
  6. half the reason I come to these forums is to see the creative new names. Darkcoffee and momsspaghetti lol. I look forward to meeting you all cause you seem like my kind of people.
  7. Like others said, those of us that got interviews have until April 3rd to confirm. So the emails may come out in waves until then. Also, if people rejected their interview invite, they will roll out more invites to others after April 3rd. So don't expect a university rejection email until after that.
  8. Sorry for the heavy dose of sass you're about to receive but yes, I know exactly what you asked and my answer remains exactly as I had previously stated.
  9. You can try, but I don't think you will be able to because it is after January 31. HOWEVER, 2 of my friends already in pharmacy are both fairly certain that they don't even verify your extra curricular. It's likely a method where they just check random people, rather than everybody (or maybe even no one at all???). I wouldn't worry too much. Just be more careful if you have to apply a second time. One year isn't that long in the grand scheme of things.
  10. I just got an email this morning at 4:37am saying all my information was received, so im guessing the transcripts were the last thing they processed.
  11. Welp. I guess now we play the waiting game. Good luck to you all and I hope we all end up getting accepted
  12. I just finished my PharmD application. I didn't see anything regarding a letter of academic intent. Also, did anyone have to input courses anywhere? Such as in the personal profile? I just listed the schools I attended (high school and University), and that's it. i did not list any courses I took. I did mail my academic transcripts though.
  13. I tried calling to ask about it, but alas, no luck. Did you figure it out yet?
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