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  1. Prime minus 0.25% ? Wow didn't know that! I like CIBC because they offer the most money lol ($275k) Imagine all the poutine you can buy
  2. Just stuff poutine in your ears to not hear the construction
  3. I'm convincing everyone to go to UBC to save all the poutine for myself
  4. Lots of people I know are going to UBC this year. It's so beautiful there.
  5. rank on May 17 (tomorrow) Check it https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/after-youve-applied/waitlist-post-interview
  6. Oh right totally missed that thank you!
  7. Hey! Any recommendations for which stethoscope to get for medical school/ residency? Cardiology III is what I heard everyone has (Cardiology IV being the newest one), but I might want to pull a Regina George and start a new trend if there's a better option. If not, then I'll go with the classic. Should I order online from stethoscope.ca or stethoscopes.ca? Lol What's the difference between Littmann Classic III and Littmann Cardiology III?
  8. Email them directly. I sent my course and they said "as long as your CPR course is level C - AED it will be acceptable"
  9. I'm not sure if I'm understanding this correctly so please correct me if I'm wrong.. But isn't there a separate waitlist for Med P, NTP, and Univ? I believe there is. In that case there's no reason why the Univ waitlist rankings can't be released before Med P and NTP get their answers since they're all separate. If a Med P or NTP applicant rejects their offer, that wouldn't affect someone on the Univ waitlist. So in conclusion that's why I don't think you should stress about waiting until end of May.. I think it will be released early May
  10. It says it must be valid until at least March 2019. Just email mcgill a copy of your certificate and ask if it's okay
  11. Yep I emailed them and they told me I would need the BLS course instead, since it's for healthcare providers. I assume that's the same as the BCLS you're referring to. I thought getting the certificate would take longer than 4 hours lol not complaining
  12. Hey everyone! I'm assuming a course called the Heartsaver® CPR AED course would fulfill the Basic Life Support Certification requirement, right? Can anyone give input on the course they used? It says it's one day (4 hours) and there's an exam at the end.. meaning all of the certificate requirements would be fulfilled in that one day? Thanks
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