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  1. From our assistant dean in Sherbrooke today: 95.1% match rate (with a Canadian average of 94.2%).
  2. It’s a very tight knit program, it’s only their 3rd cohort of residents so it’s all a work in progress but the residents seem happy. From what I understand staff is amazing and does a lot of teaching. Good mix of English and French, people are lovely but Moncton as a city is pretty average apparently (ie not much to do). Psych has really gained in competitiveness over the last few years and has been generally quite competitive in Quebec for several years (I’m assuming you’re a Quebec applicant). It all depends on whether or not you’re willing to make the move and how much you want ps
  3. As in most of the specialty spots were filled.... which isn’t always the case.
  4. LOL I alternate between “ugh I just wanna match, anywhere. plz plz ” and “god I hope I don’t end up going there”
  5. Haha yes, that happened to me earlier this week. The confirmation emails helped ease that anxiety hahah
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