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  1. L’externat ne se termine pas vers la mi-juin à Sherbrooke. Cette année, le tout était décalé à cause de la Covid et l’externat s’est terminé en fin avril avec les examens finaux à la mi/fin mai. Donc dans une année ordinaire, ça devrait être même plus tôt que ça.
  2. Maybe you realize you actually like the ‘less’ competitive speciality more but you still see yourself doing both so you end up ranking both? Not to mention competitiveness is multifactorial, ie most programs in desirable locations are competitive nowadays. Also some competitive specialties (ie cardiac surgery this year) vary in competitiveness year to year because they get relatively few applicants in general and a small change in applicant number can impact competitiveness.
  3. Maybe because a lot of people back up into it (or have in the past)? Here are some Quebec-specific stats from 2020. On page 40: 0.98 for IM. https://fmeq.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Guideresidences.pdf
  4. ^Spots fill every year in Quebec in first iteration but there are also many many spots (UdeM alone has like almost 50) so it’s pretty doable.
  5. I feel like it’s a checklist for many people but some have presented and published (wouldn’t say it’s a majority though but this is just my feeling). I would say that what Quebec schools seem to value in IM is strong clinical performance during clerkship (particularly in IM), good letters and a decent interview. Research isn’t essential but it never hurts. I encourage you to read up on the program descriptions on the CaRMS website to see how important each selection criteria is for each program.
  6. More and more people do research for IM (and specialties in general) in Quebec, unfortunately because they feel like they have to. Having said that, I know several people who had not done any research and got into IM in Quebec this year.
  7. If it’s pass or fail, only you can see your grades. They will not show up on your transcript. As far as I know, schools in English Canada have been P/F for a long time and are used to it so it should not be a problem.
  8. Big gunner year I assume. 10-year low of family med matches in Quebec.
  9. Don’t think McGill’s ever done better
  10. From our assistant dean in Sherbrooke today: 95.1% match rate (with a Canadian average of 94.2%).
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