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  1. Yes you still “match” to them after 3 years of internal medicine.
  2. Don’t know about IM but with psych’s increasing competitiveness, research is definitely valued, especially at research-heavy universities, especially as it becomes harder and harder to choose between applicants. As far as I know, all the McGill psych PGY-1s this year had some form of research involvement and most had published. So I can’t say I agree that you can easily match into psych with zero research (not in English Canada anyway).
  3. I had read something by the CFMS regarding program requirements for recommendation letters (ex.: programs possibly requiring 2 letters instead of 3 this year). Any follow-up on that?
  4. Yes both Laval and UdeM have moved toward requiring a completed degree to apply to medicine (if you don’t get in straight after cegep of course).
  5. Our assistant dean told us visiting electives will likely be replaced by home electives for all schools and that exceptions would be made for schools that don’t offer every specialty (intraprovincial electives would then be a possibility).
  6. Si t'es no match au premier tour, tu peux appliquer au 2e tour. Si tu décides de ne pas appliquer au 2e tour ou que t'es no match au 2e tour, tu peux réappliquer l'année suivante. Tu peux commencer une résidence dans une spécialité autre, mais le transfert envers un autre programme est assez complexe.
  7. As an example, here are this year's unfilled spots after first iteration. Nothing but FM and a couple pathology spots. https://www.carms.ca/pdfs/5ruh39TJkpN_R1_1_OverviewByDiscipline_EN.pdf
  8. Quebec is not easier for competitive specialties. The Quebec spots that go unfilled are rural FM.
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