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  1. Hello everyone, A group of my fellow Schulich medical students are trying to raise money to sponsor a war-torn family to come to Canada (Which I believe would be the first of such effort)! It's a wonderful initiative that can make a real impact in their lives. More information regarding their story is outlined within the GoFundMe page itself. If possible, please share this link with your family and friends!
  2. Hahah!! I don't think I'd take it that far - but having gotten in after the long, painful process, its super exciting to be able to celebrate and be part of the larger med class ^ Exactly This!!!!
  3. So if I was looking for a purple sweater saying 'Schulich Medicine' with 2024 and my last name on the sleeve, would I find these at the drives? or would they be provided through western's bookstore? Also, when do these drives usually happen?
  4. Hey, I was interested in getting some school sweaters. Does anyone know where I can order them?
  5. For what it's worth, I found this template schedule breakdown for 1st years. (Not sure how accurate it is now with pandemic measures)
  6. I like Dijon Mustard Yellow - best represents how 2020 has been so far
  7. I personally waited until I saw that my acceptance was confirmed on student center, but I'd imagine you could send the deposit before (don't think it would make a significant difference either way (please correct me if wrong). My User ID for Student Center is separate from my Western student # and email address. If you can't locate the user ID try to contact UWO directly at contact@uwo.ca to help retrieve the login info or even call them and see if anyone picks up.
  8. The following link provides further instruction into what to do. Within the 'Entering Student Requirements Checklist' they provide a list of required steps needing to be completed before September, with instruction of where to complete it. For the tuition deposit they instruct the following: Visit the Office ofthe Registrar website for tuition payment options:www.registrar.uwo.ca/student_finances/fees_refunds/index.html Also, be sure to join the facebook group, as there seems to be some incoming MS2 students who are prepping orientation material for the incoming class.
  9. LOL Having gone through this entire process, its the most beautiful thing imaginable. I've paid my deposit and waiting for it to update, but the good news is we have quite a bit of time till the deadline.
  10. Yea - once you accept through OMSAS, it will take some time to update but you'll see the check-mark turn into a nice beautiful green circle.
  11. Result: Accepted (London Campus) - knocked the wind out of me Timestamp: 9:02 AM 2-year GPA: 3.86 cGPA: 3.3 (There's always hope) MCAT: 129/126/129 Interview: (In person) Was honoured to have an interview and felt great about it but slowly doubted myself as the months went by. Year: Currently working - Finished undergrad last year Geography: SWOMEN Will be Accepting
  12. Hello there! In terms of your grades, although your earlier years aren't particularly competitive, having achieved a 3.9 during your first semester means that you have the ability to handle academically challenging material. I would say that it isn't terribly uncommon for students to have weaker marks during their first two years at university, so again your not alone in this area of your application. Although medical school admissions are hilariously competitive, each school has their own method of selection, and place emphasis on different aspects (and years) of an application. To
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