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  1. Original offers came out in March, I got my offer at the end of June
  2. My proof is that I was rank #13 and I was admitted. Unless the AFMC has changed their definition of what a successful applicant was (used to be any offer whether accepted, deferred, or declined) then their calculation yields a different success% than mine.
  3. It ended up moving to position #13 (total of 23 offers made to OOP students) right at the edge of the confidence interval I had calculated! If there are other OOP students on the waitlist interested I can definitely "crunch" the numbers again for this year's waitlist. Probably have that excel document on my computer somewhere...
  4. In the post-interview "de-brief" the moderator should have mentioned that they normalize scores using z-scores to account for inter-evaluator differences and to help ensure fairness in ranking.
  5. From my experience, they are much more keen on having you act in specific scenarios as opposed to sitting down with a facilitator and being asked an ethical question. There will also most definitely be several critical thinking stations and also a "traditional interview" station.
  6. From the McGill Admissions website under Basic Science Prerequisites (https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/requirements-edu/basic-science-prerequisites) it says: "Candidates applying to the MDCM program who have completed the seven required prerequisite courses and who have also completed introductory level university courses in molecular biology, cell biology, mammalian physiology and organic chemistry will be evaluated on whichever of the two is the most favourable to the candidate." So likely they would include the suggested courses if they improve your GPA. Good luck!
  7. I don't think there is a good number that anybody can give you. The applicant pool and the admissions department varies so greatly from year to year that it is impossible to predict the dynamics of waitlist movement. Try and stay positive and occupied with things that you can control.
  8. I've heard of many people getting interviews from positions off the waitlist and even some of them getting offers of admission so don't lose hope or think that a waitlist interview negatively affects your chances. Hope you hear some good news soon.
  9. The deans office is very helpful and wellness oriented. There have been several students in our cohort who have deferred their position in the class for different reasons - both personal and academic. IF you get an offer of admission it is because they want YOU in their program. My advice would be to focus on getting that offer of admission and worry about the details after where you'd be able to meet with the Dean and discuss why you would benefit from the gap year.
  10. When you get your email there will be a link to a webpage with the non disclosure agreement as well as your photo identification that you'll be able to upload. Edit: I believe you can find all the information here https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/mdis
  11. Patience young padawan, in time, find out you will.
  12. Not necessarily, I didn't receive my notification until mid afternoon last year. They have hundreds of apps to manually go through it takes some time!
  13. Further review required means you got an interview, congrats!
  14. The admissions office inputs everything to Minerva manually and only open around 830-9 AM and have a lot of applications to go through so doesn't mean you were refused because you haven't heard anything yet. Deep breaths and good luck!
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