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  1. No it does not look bad at all! Both applications are separate and they do not know that you applied to both-the only thing is that you would only do one MMI interview and your score would be sent to both faculties separately (If you interview for both med and dent).
  2. I think it's also important to make sure your first sentence really grab the readers attention, make them want to meet you! Good luck!
  3. I got LASIK and the results are amazing! I would do it again in a minute. The only thing I struggled with is eye dryness. It took I'd say a good month for them to not really bother me but they are still dry in the morning. Overall do it! Best money I have ever spent
  4. Thanks for the picture it is dark! I love it !
  5. Because I think University of Calgary starts med school tomorrow and they will get their backpacks...hopefully a kind soul will post on here to tell us the colour
  6. Most schools usually update the admission statistics once classes start and they are no longer accepting people from the waitlist.
  7. First thing I would say is that if you really want to study medicine then yes apply again. Majority of people have to apply more than once to get into a Canadian medical school, the competition is fierce. I would say email schools and ask for information about your application, the worst they can say is "we don't disclose that information". Getting into medical school requires more than just good grades and a stellar MCAT score. You should probably go over your essays, CV, and other aspects of the application. Reach out to professors at your school, perhaps other health care providers and as
  8. To be honest I don't know the exact criteria European schools look for, but I think it is a disadvantage to have been kicked out of school when applying anywhere. I agree with Commons it would be beneficial to focus on the reasons for not doing well your first year and addressing them and then focus on your future career. All the best
  9. I think last year it was available the end of July beginning of August since the application system itself opens September 1st. Good luck!
  10. I couldn't agree with you more, I think some people lose sight of the fact that as healthcare professionals we are all trying to work together for our patients. Although salary and school might differ between professions I don't think it should be viewed in a hierarchical sense.
  11. Most schools start in August/September I believe...so if you were accepted in May 2016 you would start that same year However, when you apply the applications usually begin in the fall of that year so they would start..lets say in November 2016 for the 2017 admissions cycle.
  12. I'm glad you brought this situation to light but the truth is that there are many people in the world who will try and discourage you, not just on this forum. If you truly want something never stop trying to reach your goal. I was told in high school that I would end up homeless with no education, told in cegep to never even apply to McGill (undergrad) because I don't stand a chance of getting in (never mind med school)...I remember in that moment how low I felt and how hard it was to keep moving forward... glad I did though
  13. It depends on the kind of interview, for example, with the MMI when you're in a situation you can relate to what is happening or to the other person by bringing up your ECs or perhaps some life experience. I mainly tried to incorporate my ECs and experiences into the questions, however, when asked directly about a particular activity I made sure to answer the question as well as include what I learned from it or how it has changed my perspective etc... It is difficult and there is no magic recipe as to how to perform exactly, just know why you implicated yourself in the ECs and what you learne
  14. Only losers anonymously go on forums and downgrade other healthcare professions. #bittermuch
  15. It really depends what school you apply to..McGill has a section on the CV devoted to "community service/volunteer work" and so you just list all of the volunteer activities you think are pertinent to your application. For example, I did research on cancer, volunteered with different non-profit cancer organizations, and I volunteered in the chemotherapy department at a local hospital. Although most of my ECs were based on the same subject my contribution was different, whether it be helping patients directly or doing research. In all honesty I think it is important to enjoy your volunteer work
  16. Most of my volunteer work and research was geared towards the same field. Personally, I think long-term commitment looks better than variation!
  17. I believe there is a shadowing coordinator and you can apply/ask them to set you up with a physician that is offering shadowing time...to my knowledge it's a little more sophisticated when you actually are in med school..I could be wrong though
  18. I agree with NotASerialKiller...sometimes the threads can be misleading, you don't have all the information. For example, perhaps the applicant academically is stellar but their essay was poorly written. Although applying as an OOP student is definitely tough in comparison to IP there is still a chance. If McGill is a school that you would like to go to than I wouldn't let this stop you...If you have really good grades look into the other aspects of the application process and how you can excel in that domain. McGill looks for way more than stellar grades and good ECs.
  19. No need to prep for the workbook it's very easy and doesn't take much time. I agree with redlilly, I suspect that the CVPN will change. What you can do is reformat your CV, you have to describe your CV entries but using careful word choice. Last year I spent the summer working on my CV getting feedback and once the essay questions came out I worked on those. Do some reflection this summer about why you want to be a doctor, was there a specific incident that you went through that changed your perspective on health care etc... Good luck!
  20. I agree. I just feel for this guy because I remember that desperate feeling of just wanting to get into medical school. I never looked thoroughly into the caribbean but I can see how it looks promising....they have literally turned it into a business, banking on peoples hopes and dreams its awful...
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