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  1. Also, thanks for all the comments and support. I hope you appreciate that it takes a lot of courage to write about this, to open up your personal life to the internet, with the expectation that you might possibly get attacked for it. I'm not afraid to speak my mind though, and this is how I honestly feel about this whole issue. So thanks for appreciating that.
  2. Oh man, I probably should have been better prepared for such a reaction to my rant. This wasn't meant to be a sob story about how hard my life was. I mean, I think, on the whole, I've had it pretty good. I just find it kind of obnoxious that people deny their privilege when it comes to these things. My rant was about how strongly I believe being in low socioeconomic circumstance makes it harder for you to get in. I mean, my family was above median. What about the bottom third of the ladder? Many of the students I went to high school with grew up in the ghettos. Like, the proper ghet
  3. Man, I hate to revive an old forum post from 2016, but I just started medical school at McMaster this year, and I've definitely noticed this. I've noticed it so much that it really, really bugged me, I went and did some research on why the hell my class is like this, and found this thread. I come from a middle class family. Our income was slightly above the national median, but we actually have real trouble making ends meet. During the financial aid talk this week, the professor asked how many of us had NO DEBT going into medical school, and 3/4 of the class put up their hands. I went to sc
  4. For what it's worth, I've been watching the stats closely. Take this with a grain of salt, as I don't want to spread false hope, but this is my analysis. The waitlist movement for medical schools is actually pretty predictable from year to year. While it is true that previous year movements cannot predict future waitlist movement, and medical schools don't want to tell candidates about their position for that reason, admissions also knows movements tend to be consistent. You can see this by looking at the AFMC 2017 document, not just for Mac over the last two years, but for all med schools in
  5. Well, realistically, OP has only so much time to study. Schools are quite literal when they tell you what their MCAT requirements are, so no I don't think there's anything that will screw you. While interviewing at Mac, one of the students told me she went "Mac or bust" (she was a non-trad) and literally skipped every MCAT section except CARS while writing the test. She's now in med school. ​My advice to all MCAT takers is: do the MCAT practice test (the official AAMC one) BEFORE you study, and look at your score. Then compare to where you want to be (look at the requirements posted by al
  6. I'm around Paris for another 4 weeks. Enjoy your trip dude!
  7. Yo Donald Trout, what a coincidence I was also chilling in Paris (was around the Latin Quarter refreshing my emails LOL). I've headed back to Palaiseau though, to my hotel. I'm supposed to be working around Palaiseau, but today is a French holiday. What a small world eh? ​Man nothing ruins a vacation more than med school waitlists.
  8. Don't fret yet greensurR. Based on what's been posted here so far, the waitlist offers are not even close to halfway done (I think we're at 7 of the typical 21 or thereabouts). And (in my neuroticism), I know there are enough waitlisters who are monitoring this thread, so it's not that people aren't posting. Keep on waiting and hoping for the best! Most of the waitlist offers have yet to come!
  9. Holy! Shit! I got off the waitlist to Hamilton campus! Today, 2:51 pm (literally moments ago). ​I don't think I've ever felt such a feeling of relief. I had to endure 2 weeks of waitlist and it was horrible. I really hope the waitlist is swift for all of you, and will be praying for you guys until the class is full. ​I've updated my post in Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected, if you want my stats: http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/610-acceptedrejectedwaitlisted-for-current-applicants/?p=1047262
  10. Inb4 massive wave of offers today and everyone gets in. But in all seriousness let's hope for offers today or tomorrow. The wait is killing me.
  11. Is it just me, or does it feel like McMaster is behind on their waitlist offers.
  12. Fingers are crossed, but I'm not holding out that much hope haha. I'd really like to be your classmate though, you guys seem super cool!
  13. I guess the duck is saying that the bins are narrower than us premeds previously anticipated. Oh boy.
  14. Unfortunately, everything I know I researched from premed101. There aren't that many CNFS applicants, so there's very little information to be skimmed from these forums. Also, since the number of CNFS applicants are few, what happens with this list is probably very unpredictable. Sorry I'm not of more help. Maybe someone else knows more than I do. I think I speak for everyone in saying that the uncertainty of being on the waitlist is pretty torturous, especially since Ottawa dropped the good/bad waitlist system. We're all in this together until the class is filled. Hang in there everyone!
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