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  1. Hopefully your right... As an OOP who didn't get an interview within their province, I really really hope you are right!
  2. Just to add on to that, if doing a master's did shoot an applicants GPA from 3.8 to 3.95, I would think there would be more students admitted who hold a master's degree. Not that there aren't many now, but the number definitely is less than a school like Toronto. In the 2015 entering class: *U of Toronto had >38 students in their class of 260 who had their graduate degree. U of Alberta had 11 students in their class of 162 who had graduate degrees. *U of Toronto states 38 students entered in the fall of 2015 holding MSc's. 12 other incoming students were listed as holding othe
  3. I do not have much information for you in terms of the actual programs, as I did not apply to the east coast nor do I know many residents from east coast. However, statistically speaking, MUN has had very good match rates in recents years. This could be due to most grads going into family in the east coast, but looking at where some grads have matched (e.g. urology), I feel like MUN may better prepare students for clerkship... Just my 2 cents. I also heard that with UofC, every student starts their clerkship with 6 weeks of electives... While they also have 4 weeks of pre clerkship opportuni
  4. I gave a whole monologue in my first station and the interviewer had to tell me that the station was interactive... *head bang on table*
  5. *starts blasting and singing Take me or Leave me from Rent
  6. I had a few questions about the MMI, that was either not addressed by this forum/not recently mentioned: 1. Do the interviewers for each station let you know how many prompting questions you have before you start talking? If not, how many questions are there usually (In past posts, I read that there are usually 4/5). 2. Will pencil and paper be available for each station?
  7. I definitely agree with everything that MSWschnoodle commented, especially the last part. I think I felt at ease because I read the stations and did not know what they were looking for. This may be a good thing or a bad thing as you can not anticipate how you did. But even if you could anticipate how you did, it really isn't indicative of how you actually did. If you look at the Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected post, there are people who thought that they NAILED their MMI but were not given an offer of acceptance. If I could add anything more, it's that I felt an immediate relief from finish
  8. Are we given a sheet of paper per station? If not, how much paper/size of paper are we given overall?
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