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  1. I've heard about students at U of S being able to practice as an associate with a temporary license in their 3rd year summer. Some people just take the summer to relax, travel and shadow. Some do research but imo, its best to shadow and network in the area you plan to practice.
  2. Over on the dental thread, someone was offered prime minus 0.5 by Scotia and TD. Looks like the deals are really good this year!
  3. I think it needs to be addressed for all applicants to UWO next cycle that there are rule changes coming into effect that nobody will know how it will impact the applicant pool. Although UWO will be looking at all sections minus the MDT, no one can definitively say at this moment whether it will be a hard cut-off, part of a weighted score for the DAT or each individual section will be looked at independently. I think people should wait until more information is available (i.e. August-September) before they can see whether it will have a large impact on their app or not. If you feel your PAT is
  4. It usually moves 2-3 on average though, i think last year was an exception.
  5. Let's not forget about USask, UofA, UofM and McGill. All these schools have small class sizes, great faculty:student ratios (depending on how you want to define it), knowledgable faculty, solid patient pools, etc. Albeit, the clinical aspect of Canada is subpar compared to the US but there are good schools in Canada and wherever students go, they will become great dentists. UofT gets this "name reputation" added to it making it more lucrative, however it's what you make of your 4 years that will ultimately help you in private practice. UWO is just as great as UofT and imo, people should be cho
  6. Here is last years waitlist thread: http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/90436-uft-2020-waitlist/page-10?hl=+uoft%20+waitlist I think it reached 31 IP waitlist movement and OOP cleared. For past years, its: - 64 spots - 2005 c/o 2009 100 accepted (35 off WL) 2006 c/o 2010 89 accepted (24 off WL) 2007 c/o 2011 105 accepted (40 off WL) 2008 c/o 2012 91 accepted (26 off WL) 2009 c/o 2013 92 accepted (27 off WL) 2010 c/o 2014 89 or 92 accepted (25 or 27 off WL) 2011 c/o 2015 83 accepted (19 off WL) 2012 c/o 2016 84 accepted (19 off WL) - 84 spots - 2013 c/o 2017 119
  7. They invite about 50 OOP for interviews. About 6 are selected and waitlist moves about 1/3rd
  8. You interviewed at McGill before for MMI and bombed it? You should have an idea of what areas you need to focus on and how to prep better. Seeing that you did it before, you should have an idea what to expect. Good luck!
  9. I applied last year but my brother has applied this year, along with dozens of others that I know. Been pretty quiet compared to last year.
  10. Also, it could be a combination of factors but I do believe that the pool of American applicants this cycle may be competitive/sufficient enough for them to fill their seats with Americans. Combine it with the sentiment that Americans should be put first and you have fewer international students being invited/accepted. I think some schools are also factoring in the low Canadian dollar as another reason to prefer Americans. I remember in the form they have a section to fill out about where your parents work and you get an employment category for them. Based on that, they may be inferring that s
  11. I personally know like 20 people who applied to the states with 3.9+ GPAs and 21+ DAT scores and have yet to hear anything. The only schools that I know some Canadians have interviewed at and/or been accepted are UDM, NOVA, University of the Pacific and Indiana State. This time last year, there were people who had interviews at Case, Temple, NYU, etc. so I guess they may have reduced their intake of international students (trump: "hire/take/make american first")
  12. UofT and UWO DDS will invite you (as long as you have decent DAT scores) and in most probably accept you with your GPA and ECs. This may be a blessing...look forward to dentistry!
  13. If you used the transcript service for an Ontario university, then you don't have to do anything more. You can check if it was received on the student centre portal
  14. He'll ban all Mexican and Chinese made dental instruments and bring those jobs back
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