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  1. True! Just hoping it comes out this week! Good luck to everyone
  2. I will join! I have been like this since last week... the wait is killer
  3. Hmm.. but I remember the interview emails came out in the morningishh.. As well, so did they respond to emails then?
  4. I completely agree. Getting into medical school is such an important milestone for some, and some of us have worked for a very VERY long time to get even the chance to interview so waiting for decisions is very intense. As well, waiting in quarantine makes it even more difficult as we cannot work or go out to take our minds off of it.
  5. I feel like it is not coming until another week or perhaps even 2 weeks.. I am not expecting anything anytime soon unfortunately.
  6. I dont think they would pick up since theyre all working from home right? Does anyone know?
  7. Thanks for the information! I wonder if something has caused a huge problem because they have been consistent the past few years. They even had as early as MArch 5th :( Also, what makes you think 15th? Now, I am hoping we dont get delayed till May.....
  8. same! Has anyone tried contacting them? This pain is killing me...
  9. I feel this completely... especially the past 2 weeks
  10. Thanks for sharing this with us! Quick question, were any of your verifiers contacted before. For example, in January?
  11. Thanks so much @Anaik! It just feels like with the Coronavirus we have no idea what will happen.
  12. Oh really? Thanks @Anaik! I wonder if problems have arisen.. its making me anxious
  13. I wonder if it will be early April or late April, this wait is painful
  14. The worst part is it could be the first or last week of April
  15. I really hope this is not true :( I feel as if we have been waiting for so long! I wish we just had some notice or update to what to expect. However, obviously they’re busy and a lot is going on.
  16. This is very true! I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have even been interviewed. I mean it is a privilege. Has anyone gotten a hold of the admissions team or anything? Its just as @med1day has said it, everything is kind of in the air.
  17. The wait is terrifying.. or is it just me? I wish they would at least update us if we should expect it in April or keep up for this month
  18. Thanks!! You think for sure next week? I am scared it'll be April... LOL
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