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  1. In the Class of 2020 there was somebody accepted the day after white coat & in the Class of 2019 there were a couple of people that got accepted off the WL around August 20th (according to this forum). It is impossible to predict what will happen in the next 2 weeks (in terms of WL movement), but I wouldn't say it's a certainty that the WL will not move any more. At most, I think it's still possible for the 2 left on the HWL to hear back. I can't imagine it moving anymore than that though.
  2. I had said 1-2 HWLers left because there was one other who I wasn't 100% sure about. I found out a couple of days ago that this person is still waiting. So there are at least 2 remaining on HWL, wow....
  3. They definitely switch it up each time in terms of what's on the DAT Biology. When I wrote the DAT in February 2015 I got wrecked by at least 6-7 plant questions I remember. The next time I wrote again in November 2016 I was prepared to answer any plant question but I remember there were next to no plant questions this time - I found they went "evolution heavy" and there were at least 5-6 questions on this I remember. Be prepared for anything I guess!
  4. ~ 8 people have been added to the Facebook group in the month of August, looks good to me? Relative to Schulich which doesn't look like anyone's been accepted in August so far.
  5. When was the UofT deposit due, same date? UofT's been moving like crazy lately. I'd be shocked if Western didn't move at least a couple people after the deposit (it is 30K+).
  6. Can confirm that there is at least 1 HWLer still waiting - so still on HWL. 1-2 remain I think. Should be some movement this week as the deposit is due!
  7. Just so people know, according to last year's thread, the waitlist moved 12 people between July 15th and the end!
  8. Waitlist Update: I had posted back on June 16th that there were 5 HWLers still waiting to hear back. All 5 of us are still waiting, and we've actually discovered another HWLer, so there are at least 6 people still remaining on the HWL. Judging by the Facebook group, it also doesn't appear that there have been any offers at all for about 3 weeks, not sure what to think of this......
  9. If you're applying to UWO, they will only count your best 2 years in terms of % - anything else will be left alone! Put the past behind you and work hard these next 2 years, you're at no disadvantage! Cheers
  10. Does anyone know of anybody waiting for an offer off the UofT waitlist who is currently holding a spot at UWO?
  11. That's true, we won't know until someone posts saying they got a call off the normal waitlist. But I have been in contact with the other 4 users and can confirm that there are still at least 5 people remaining on the HWL.
  12. If you go back and look at UofT 2020's Waitlist thread here, #16 on the WL was accepted last year on June 13th, which is basically identical to this year. Half of the total movement happened last year after June 15th, so unless last year was also a slow year, looks good to me?
  13. I called admissions to ask some questions: - She seemed to say that the situation is different for people accepted off the waitlist BEFORE vs AFTER July 1st - If you get the call before July 1st, you must either submit your police check prior to July 1st, or submit a Letter of Declaration (that you have a clean record) in order to push the deadline back to August 1st. This then is a strict deadline that must be met, and she said they've never had any problems in the past with people meeting this deadline. - If you get the call after July 1st, do not worry about anything until yo
  14. Username2020 said they did not accept his/her check from 6 months ago, so you're gonna have to get a new one! I'm not sure how recent they need to qualify though.
  15. I would go and apply for the police check (at your local police station) ASAP just in case (unless you already have). Then look into getting checked at another police station elsewhere. I'm guessing you can have more than one police check being processed at once as long as they're at different branches (not 100% sure though). I'm going to phone admissions tomorrow to find out more about this, as I'm currently still on the HWL, and I'll post here what I find out. EDIT: For anyone wondering, I'm not from Winnipeg also haha!
  16. Which deadline can you not make? July 1st or August 1st? It says in the post admission documents that if you cannot submit your police check by July 1st, you instead have to submit a Letter of Declaration that states you have a clean record prior to July 1st. This then gives you an extra month (until August 1st) to submit your police check and it says you cannot submit it any later than this date. Doesn't make sense to me because there have been many people in the past who are accepted off the waitlist in August. Anyway, seems massively unfair and as somebody still on the waitlist, it makes me
  17. It's not a good predictor for total waitlist movement (i.e. last year moved 38 spots), but it can be helpful to know roughly where admissions is on the waitlist. For example we know that they are nearing the end of the HWL at the moment.
  18. For anyone wondering, there are still 6 users here on HWL who haven't been contacted yet.
  19. Just wanted to make a quick post for future premed users regarding the high waitlist: If you scroll through this entire thread, there are 15 people who have confirmed that they were/are on the high waitlist. I also know of one other person (who is not one of these usernames) who was also accepted off the HWL. So there are 16 confirmed HWLers. I thought the HWL was less than 20 (closer to 15), but with the assumption that there are more HWLers out there who didn't post on the forums I'd say that the high waitlist must be at least 20 people! It could also be 25, but I really don't thi
  20. It may seem like it's not moving, but in last year's thread, only 7 people posted to say they were accepted off the waitlist while 38 people were accepted in total. So the forums may not be an accurate representation of how much the waitlist is actually moving.
  21. Two people have confirmed here that they've been accepted off the waitlist. I've also heard through a friend of one other person (who doesn't follow these forums) that was accepted off the high waitlist. So 3 lol! I agree, probably not much movement until June 1st!
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