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  1. Whoopps! My bad. I kind of submitted mine early and forgot the real deadline Sorry if I misleaded anyone!
  2. We've already had to submit our academy preferences but I did take location into consider! Thanks
  3. I wrote one too - and it was about family circumstances for which I took less than a full course load in a couple of semesters. I have a hunch that that was seriously taken into consideration to allow for the weighting to be applied to my GPA. I'm starting UofT this fall. I recommend you write one if there is anything that you want to explain re: your academics which is not explicit in the rest of your application material. There's no downside to it as far as I can tell. It's just an opportunity for the adcom to get to know a little bit more about you, after all.
  4. I've done a lot of clinical research work, that I think really helped me with my admission. Not only are you getting research experience, but, if you're lucky, you're working with patient populations, and alongside multidisciplinary professionals. There are lots of entry-level clinical research positions out there - try looking through job search engines, your university's careers site, or asking around. Those are good stats though, just focus on how you write up your ABS. And, for UofT, focus on how you write your essays. Enjoy your year off
  5. To mirror what everyone else is saying, your GPA is fine. I got into UofT this year with a lower GPA (granted, as a grad student). Focus on keeping your grades high for fourth year, and pursue your passions outside of school. Really does make a huge difference. Also, as someone who has spent days worrying about outcomes re: med school, I can relate, but I'll also tell you not to. Enjoy your last year of undergrad, try again, and if need be, try yet again. Take a breather, revise your plan to med, and stay positive It's not impossible, especially not based on the information you've provid
  6. Haha - thanks Bambi. I DO need perspective This is a helpful way to think about things.
  7. Thanks- you make some very valid points. I'm just overwhelmed at the loan amount, and am thinking of ways I could maybe offset the burden a little bit by working a few hours here and there. I have a follow up question for you about bursary funding: Would we lose out substantially in bursaries if, say, we pick up a 50-hour per semester TA-ing job paying ~$45/hour?
  8. Hey guys, I'd be interested in hearing about the types of part time jobs that current medical students have held during their time in medical school, as well as the kinds of jobs that incoming students are planning to keep. Please share
  9. Hi guys, I know this has been discussed in a few previous threads, but I was hoping for some new insight into what new or current UofT students think about when making their academy selection. It appears that this year's students will be spending more time at their academy hospitals than at the UofT St George campus. According to one of the answers at this year's Q&A session following the academies webinar, students will spend about 3/4 of their time at the academy, making the academy choice that much more important. Soo, I'd love to hear about what incoming/existing students
  10. Hi all, What are some popular tutoring agencies that you've signed up with and would recommend?
  11. Hi guys, I'm currently out of the country so won't be able to practise for the UofT MPI in person. Would anyone be interested in practising over Skype, maybe an hour or two a week initially and seeing how it goes? I'm considering spending half the time asking each other questions, and the rest of the time discussing current health issues/ethics, etc. Ofc this is just a basic guideline. Please PM me if interested. Good luck to all those prepping!
  12. Hey guys, I have an MPI scheduled for UofT, and I'd love some practice. Please PM me and we can work out a schedule. I'd be happy with a couple of hours of practice per week. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the response. Was this information revealed after the admission cycle last year? I can't find anything related to this on the site this time round.
  14. Interview Date: Feb. 28 MD (but requested for it to be changed to March 13th as I'm out of the currently due to family illness) Result: Invite cGPA: 3.80ish (not sure if weighting was applied) MCAT: 9/10/11 ECs: 2+ years of experience as research coordinator with lots of patient interaction, some publications/conferences, distress centre work, research-related volunteering, drama, etc. (nothing too extensive) Essays: I didn't have much time for these (a week or so) as I was just finishing up my Master's thesis around the same time. I tried to bring out the CANMEDS competencies through them and
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