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  1. You didn't stare and agonize at it enough to have it etched into the back of your eyeballs!?! Just me? cool.
  2. Same. It comes in waves for me but for the most part I'm fairly chill. Definitely was WAY more anxious waiting for interviews, and the days leading up to April 8th
  3. One of my preceptors said that they had to sign a confidentially form that stated they wouldn't show me the letter, and I don't think he would have any reason to lie to me (meaning, I didn't ask if I could see his letter). So weird.
  4. I keep having mini panic attacks where I think "you haven't submitted your ROL" and then spiral into a hole of anxiety, even though I submitted my ROL like the first day it opened. And then I think, "are you sure that's how you want to rank those" and go back to double check the next 13 days need to fly by
  5. I say this from living in London for both undergrad and med school: Pros - Lots of trails in the city and easy to get into nature just outside city limits - Rent is fairly cheap compared to other cities in SWO/GTA Cons - Traffic is absolutely effing terrible. It can take you 1+ hours to get from UH to Vic with really bad traffic. It's one of the MAIN reasons why I'm hoping not to match in London - Going off of terrible traffic, the city is super spread out so even if traffic isn't bad, it can take a long time to get places on either end of the city - Restaura
  6. Are you stating they don't have to because they have made enough money to stop working? I would assume a lot of people continue working because they enjoy their jobs. And/or, even though they are financially set they want to continue earning for nice purchases/their kids' futures
  7. I don't think you need it to start residency. I think a lot of people like to try to get it out of the way before we start on July 1 so that they're not having to study while also working as a resident. I'm not sure when you HAVE to get it done, but people fail and have to rewrite in residency so I know for sure you dont need it to start on July 1.
  8. Were there ever free exams? I had to pay for mine last year
  9. I definitely agree that creating habits before school would be the best use of your time. And doing some things to make your life easier. Practice cooking some bulk recipes that you'd enjoy making throughout the year or make some freezer meals, get into a good schedule of working out and/or finding a way to get activity, etc. I would say that you could probably learn how to use Anki when school comes. Maybe run through it for like 30 mins to get the feel for it but I wouldn't practice before hand. You'll get tonnes of practice in school with Anki lol
  10. Meeeeeee. My last one and my top choice. Feel like I really screwed up an answer and just keep cringing about it and thinking about what I should have actually said. It's so hard not to!
  11. Very anxious and want the next 25 days to pass as quickly as possible!
  12. ROMP is moreso involved with South Central Ontario! (https://romponline.com/partners/communities/). Not sure what you would use if you wanted to do electives in the North, but I would agree that it is probably affiliated with NOSM somehow. I did a pre-clerkship summer elective (1 week observership really) in Fergus (30 mins north of KW) which was arranged through ROMP, and it was a fantastic experience. Also my two 4th electives in Owen Sound and Wiarton were arranged through ROMP, and they were super helpful in getting that set up. Def would recommend.
  13. At my interview they said a little blurb before we started and said that they did not have access to my application beforehand
  14. What province are you in? It will depend on your provinces collective agreement. This is Ontario: https://myparo.ca/your-contract/#employee-benefits
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