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  1. One caveat is that when you go to get ACLS in residency they only accept Heart and Stroke Foundation BLS. So if you want to keep it all with the same company from the get-go, HSF is ideal. I did my first aid training with red cross and this year had to get my ACLS, and scrambled to get HSF BLS even through I already had valid Red Cross first aid. But as yobologna said, all are accepted if you don't care about the above
  2. I also applied may 12 and got my credentialing ongoing update Monday
  3. I'm graduating this year, but i know of a few people who did all 4 years without a car. They do recommend you have a car in upper years though for rural rotations. It can be difficult in clerkship if you live near UH and then get placed at Vic, but then have teaching once a week at UH mid-day without a car. But it's doable. As CHG says, the o-co's will come out with a housing guide to help out!
  4. Yes, the ones that I know of were wanting surgical specialties
  5. Western here. From some of the people that I know who didn't match, most are all wanting super competitive specialties and deciding not to go into round 2. We have a debrief tomorrow I think with admin to go over the unmatched data. There were quite a few people who matched into the most competitive specialties too (a friend group in my class had a derm, an optho, an ENT, and ER all match haha), so it might just be that our class was super gung ho from the get go
  6. I'm in the same boat with the LOA. My school said that they submitted it the day I signed it, so I called the CPSO and the guy I talked to said that they HADN'T received it and to get the school to resubmit it. So I told my school and they then emailed my LOA and cc'd me and then a lady at the CPSO confirmed that they HAD received it initially, but that it won't update as "received" until it has been assessed. So I think as long as you signed your LOA you should be good. Also, I got an update from someone who submitted April 25 (before we all got the email to do it) that their prof
  7. I'm Ontario. I can't remember where I saw the fee payment schedule. I'll try to take a look around the site and see if I can find it on the site. From what I recall, the monthly payments come out on the 20th of each month, and going forward (I guess after we pay for the next 6 months if doing lump sum), yearly payment needs to be made by Jan 1.
  8. The lump-sum payment came out today! You have the option to do lump sum or monthly though. I called on Monday or Tuesday of last week, and that's when they told me to just go ahead with it!
  9. you need to update your cmpa account with your cpso # when you get it, but you can apply without it. I applied and have proof of coverage now
  10. I haven't received an email from the CPSO yet. I called them last week and they told me that they're having an issue with the "data pull from CaRMS" and that I "need to be patient". I asked whether they thought it would be an issue with us starting on July 1 and it being a shortened timeline this year, they said they weren't anticipating any issues in getting the applications reviewed and that it would take about 4 weeks from the time we submit it. I called the CMPA last week too and talked with them. They told me that I should apply online myself. When I asked why it says that ne
  11. I've heard it often crashes. A resident I was talking to last week said she had to log in like 3 or 4 times and finally saw it after 10 or so minutes of trying
  12. I posted earlier saying I was pretty chill about all this.... I am no longer chill.
  13. I do the same. way too frequently.....
  14. I don't remember ever getting an email like this in past years. I think western might also have a good idea of the percentage of people who might not match based on 1) apparently there are some of my classmates who didnt get any interviews at all 2) they asked us to email them if we had less than 3 interviews to help us prepare better/work through a contingency plan. So even if the data isnt available yet, I think they might have a good idea of what's going on behind the scenes based on those two reasons
  15. Nope, did not send to the fourth years. One of my friends in second year sent it to me yesterday AM and I was like, wooooooow haha Edit: I'm just realizing that I think you also go to western so my post was not needed bc you would already know we didnt get the email lmfao
  16. I had a dream a week ago that I was in the hospital where I want to match and a preceptor I had worked with before was introducing me to the people who were ordering the programs rank list, in the middle of the ER. And I was trying so hard to see where I was on the list and also begging them to rank me highly. It was not a fun dream
  17. Very glad that western is giving us the 19th off, and has said that they will let us know by 1pm! Hopefully they don't have to let me know anything anyway haha
  18. You didn't stare and agonize at it enough to have it etched into the back of your eyeballs!?! Just me? cool.
  19. Same. It comes in waves for me but for the most part I'm fairly chill. Definitely was WAY more anxious waiting for interviews, and the days leading up to April 8th
  20. One of my preceptors said that they had to sign a confidentially form that stated they wouldn't show me the letter, and I don't think he would have any reason to lie to me (meaning, I didn't ask if I could see his letter). So weird.
  21. I keep having mini panic attacks where I think "you haven't submitted your ROL" and then spiral into a hole of anxiety, even though I submitted my ROL like the first day it opened. And then I think, "are you sure that's how you want to rank those" and go back to double check the next 13 days need to fly by
  22. I say this from living in London for both undergrad and med school: Pros - Lots of trails in the city and easy to get into nature just outside city limits - Rent is fairly cheap compared to other cities in SWO/GTA Cons - Traffic is absolutely effing terrible. It can take you 1+ hours to get from UH to Vic with really bad traffic. It's one of the MAIN reasons why I'm hoping not to match in London - Going off of terrible traffic, the city is super spread out so even if traffic isn't bad, it can take a long time to get places on either end of the city - Restaura
  23. Are you stating they don't have to because they have made enough money to stop working? I would assume a lot of people continue working because they enjoy their jobs. And/or, even though they are financially set they want to continue earning for nice purchases/their kids' futures
  24. I don't think you need it to start residency. I think a lot of people like to try to get it out of the way before we start on July 1 so that they're not having to study while also working as a resident. I'm not sure when you HAVE to get it done, but people fail and have to rewrite in residency so I know for sure you dont need it to start on July 1.
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