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  1. TtIME STAMP: 10:05 for the email Result: Invite wGPA: 3.90 undergrad, currently doing a 1year course-based masters but no marks included MCAT: 518 ECs: family caregiving, some jobs at the bank, come tutoring, some sports etc; nothing I thought was major especially because I haven't gotten a single invite from a any ontario school in the past 3 years so... yeah not really sure what's going on here. Year: Last year of 1year masters IP/OOP/International: OOP Letter of EC: No CASPER: I think it went well, I'd done these a couple of times now so I felt like I knew an appro
  2. pharmacy is considered an undergraduate program so all those marks would be considered.
  3. RC: 25 BIO: 25 CHEM: 26 AA: 25 PAT: 19 Knew my PAT would be low because I had to plainly guess on 9; I was stupid to waste time on rock keyholes, should've just skipped them and secured easier points. Anyone know if this is enough for an interview at UofT? I called and they said their 10% DAT component is a 50/50 composite of AA and PAT. I'm hoping I can make it to the interview and then leave the onus on my personality haha.
  4. From what I've read online (SDN, here, **DELETED**), I've come across a few resources that seem to make sense for DAT prep but I thought I'd ask for a second opinion so here I am! I've written the MCAT twice before deciding that I wanted to pursue the DAT and as such I'm unfamiliar with how the past studying will translate (but i hope it helps in the end). In case this is important my past MCAT scores are PS35/10VR/12BS and CP129/CARS126/BIO/129/PS131 So far I have: Feralis Notes and DAT Bootcamp; I'm fresh off a MCAT rewrite this past summer so I've already covered all the scie
  5. I'm more inclined to agree with taking a year off and working/building my EC's. However, if I were to rewrite my MCAT, I'm fairly confident in my ability to score roughly the same on the sciences and psych and if I were to improve my CARS, then I would realistically open up the option of applying to Western as well as bettering my chances at Mac. Still confused though because one option offers me tangible improvement (in terms of stats) as long as everything goes according to plan, while the other doesn't improve my stats and could effectively be nullified if I don't get an interview for which
  6. I've been a long time lurker and after having a very difficult time deciding what my future plans should be, I thought it would be beneficial to get an outside opinion. I'm currently a 4th year student (about to graduate) and after getting rejections at many schools, I'm obsessively troubled over my next step. The only thing I know for sure is that I'm 100% committed to medicine. My stats are as follows: MCAT (Old): 13/10/12 (P/VR/B) Year 1 GPA: 3.88 Year 2 GPA: 3.71 Year 3 GPA: 3.84 Year 4 GPA: On course for a 4.0 cGPA (after 4th year): 3.865; I assumed this is rounded to 3.87
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