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  1. Hmm ok, do you think it would be worth it to take a tougher schedule next year in order to fulfill the anatomy prerequisite (my GPA is ~3.8, strong references)?
  2. did you get into the 4 year program at cork? Or just the 5 year?
  3. I know that the 4 year program at Cork requires Anatomy as one of the prerequisites. Can you fill this requirement by completing anatomy by September 1st of the year of entry (so after you get accepted), or does it have to be completed earlier?
  4. How much are your living expenses per year? What were your stats when you got accepted? GPA, DAT? How many years at university did you have completed before you started dental school at trinity? Is there an interview required? When did you apply? When did you get an admission offer? How much was the deposit?
  5. What were your stats, like DAT and GPA? How many shadowing/volunteering hours did you have? How are you paying for dental school?
  6. Wow, I can't believe your friend of a friend didnt get caught since the pages are color coded lmao. If she did, her ID would be labelled with the incident and would never be able to get into dental school lol. I would not recommend this.
  7. Your overall application score is 82.3%, and there is typically 1 person each year who gets in with an overall below 83%. So it's not impossible that you get accepted, but if you do you will be getting in off the waitlist in like july and you will be the last person to get an offer.
  8. They actually said After, but you might as well email them on the 1st.
  9. that varies year to year actually. 2015 class was around 36, the 2014 class was like 40 lol.
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