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  1. 129/125/128/125 No interviews this round.. GPA is 3.95 I know I should be re-taking it to increase my chances at Mac/Queens/Western, but I'm so tired and burnt out at this point that I kind of want to just take a year off , re-apply in September hoping for Toronto/Ottawa, and then just re-write next year if I don't get in again... Any thoughts on this?
  2. So, I called them this morning and the lady on the phone said that "some invites" will be sent out by the end of this week. After this week, if you still haven't received an email, she said you would be in the pile of applications held up until the last minute in case of cancellations. Like others who have called before, she used the wording "some" invited, which makes me think not many is left
  3. As optimistic as I would like to remain, I believe we will all receive regrets this week
  4. From last year personally and from my friends: you don't get an auto rejection in the beginning if you meet the cutoff. They literally go through each batch and looks at who makes the gpa/mcat cutoffs. I didn't make one of the mcat cutoffs last year and i didn't get a rejection until March
  5. Highly doubtful given the super high wgpa averages of the uoft classes
  6. Not all of the people who have not met cutoffs have been rejected yet - I can confirm this from last year when people with below 125 MCAT cutoffs were rejected later on in February/March
  7. I have a feeling a batch will be out by this week
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