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  1. People have asked this in the forum before, but I did not see a response to it, so I will ask again. I go to McMaster University and I got a C- on one of my courses. What would that translate into?
  2. Hello all, thank you for your input. I do realize that my MCAT is fairly average, but I plan on taking a new one this summer! (Hopefully, my new mark will make me more competitive). Does anyone know if the schools would look at my new MCAT score that will come out in around September, even if I apply pretty early on? Also, I plan on applying to only 4-5 of the top tiers (dream) schools and 8-12 mid-tier and 1-2 schools that I have a very high chances of getting in. Hope that clarifies some stuff Thank you again for your help!
  3. Thank you for your inputs! I have now narrowed it down to these schools: Albert Einstein College of Medicine Boston University School of Medicine Central Michigan University College of Medicine Columbia university college of physicians and surgeons Emory University School of Medicine Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth George Washington School of Medicine Icahn school of medicine at mount sinai NYMC New York University School of Medicine Feinberg School of Medicine Sidney Kimmel Medical College Stanford (Dream) SUNY upstate Tulane UCLA University of Kentucky Univers
  4. Hi all, I was looking through the MSAR and narrowed down the potential schools that I would like to apply for to 40 schools so far. But, I would like to further narrow it down to at most 20. Can you guys help me with eliminating some schools? My stats are. GPA: 3.73 MCAT: 510 (PS: 128, CARS: 126, B: 128, Psych/soci: 128) ECs: research publications, president of a club for 3 years, involved with 300+ community hours for 4 years. These are the schools that I narrowed the 100 schools that take canadian applicants: Albert Einstein College of Medicine Boston University School o
  5. Hello everyone, while looking through the schools that accept Canadian students, I came across the requirements: college mathematics and calculus. I have only taken calculus in University, and I was wondering what the difference was. Would I be able to use my calculus credits for college mathematics? Thank you!
  6. Hello everyone, I was wondering if my stats are competitive for the schools that I am interested in applying for. cGPA: 3.73 MCAT: P/S: 128 CARS: 126 B: 128 Psych/soc: 128. (I am planning on retaking the MCAT again this summer in August) ECs: President of a club for 3 years. A year's worth of research/publications. Involved in a community volunteering program for 4 years. I am interested in these schools: U of Washington GW SUNY Upstate NYMC Georgetown Wayne State University Kentucky University Michigan State University Case Western Tufts Thank you!
  7. Dang, all I get from this forum is all this hate on the health sciences kids... And I bet most (if not all) of the people complaining are people who applied to Health Sciences and could not get in. I applied and didn't get in. So what? Grow up and work harder on improving yourself. I swear if people spent less time complaining about other people's "advantages" they would get to med school sooner!
  8. Hello everyone, I could not find a thread about this on this forum so I wanted to ask it here. What should people do during the time between graduating undergrad and applying for medical schools? To be specific, let's say that I will graduate this year and I do not get any offers from medical schools and I do not wish to pursue anything other than medicine. What should I do during this time period? For example: - take some extra courses to boost my GPA - Get a job - Research (?) - part time job (?) - does it really matter what kind of job I get? - Apply for a gra
  9. Hey guys! New to UoT's interview schedules but I was just wondering if anyone else hadn't gotten an email yet?
  10. Hey, I have my interview next week and I was just wondering what type of questions that were presented during the interview. Were there a lot of ethical problems to be addressed, or was it a lot more about personal experiences? I have been practising from the 2013/2014 sample questions and I was wondering if this was representative of the questions asked in the MMI. http://science-student.sites.olt.ubc.ca/files/2014/01/Sample-Questions-2013-2014.pdf Thank you and I hope you guys did great )))
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